2019: Imo Statesmen, Youths Endorses Linus Okorie



The 2019 general elections would soon be upon us,  political alignment, realignment and horse trading for the futures of local governments,  states,  legislative assemblies and federal executive will be decided in 2019.

Gubernatorial wise,  a few states have moved forward since the 2015 general elections yet many more have remained in the doldrums and are yet to come  out of the woods.

The next four years is very crucial in the political history of  Nigeria but more so in a few states than others.  It is more apt in Imo State.

For all Imolites,  the question should be: Are we ready to stand tall among others in the comity of States in Nigeria?

Are we as Imolites ready to harness our God given human and material resources to our benefit?

The race to occupy the post of Executive Governor of Imo State in 2019 is nearing it\’s climax, but before final day when the electorate will make the final choice,  let\’s spare some thought to what is indeed the IMO of Our  Dream, the various gladiators jostling for this top job and who could lead us to the promised land. These are pertinent  questions requiring answers if we as a people hope to actualise our dream and potentials.  Do we mortgage the hope and aspiration of the youths of Imo today for the interest of few?
Do we sacrifice professionalism and competence on the alter of zoning and mediocrity?  These are the core questions that should occupy our mind as election 2019 draws yet closer.

The need for a move from political to a core professional leadership and governance is even more now than before.  Many  are currently witnessing economic growth domestically alongside great strides in human,  infrastructural and capital development have achieved thus far owing to simple fact that they\’ve somehow allowed core professionals at the helm in the last few years .
Now is the time for Imolites to take the same leap and handover it\’s affairs  with its huge economic and industrial potential to a seasoned professional whose achievement,  aspiration and dreams match perfectly with the Impression of our dreams.

Of all the contenders for the Gubernatorial  position,  none possess the pedigree, capacity to provide the much needed quality  leadership than Dr Linus Okorie. Moreover he is a rare breed among others. A paradigm shift from the usual politicians. When you think of leadership, you think of Linus Okorie from secondary,  tertiary, international level. He has inspired many. Discovering,  Developing potentials.

Dr Linus Okorie has been involved in developing leaders for decades now.

What are the profiles, achievement, antecedents of all the gladiators in the race so far?
Who is the perfect fit?
Who has the charisma?
Who has the desire?
Who is knowledgeable?
Who is capable?
Who is admirable?
Who is approachable?

The general feeling amongst people of Imo irrespective of political affiliation,  religion or bloc is for us to be well represented.

This is a task 2019 elections must deliver to the masses and it must not be sacrificed on an agreement amongst political allies in years past which is the trump card of mediocres agitating nothing but only power shift as their basis for contesting and wanting to lead come 2019. Is this zoning arrangement a law?
Has it helped our development?
Has it transformed us or provided opportunity for our citizens?
Has it brought about development?
Do we align ourselves to who should be there or rather who can deliver?
Do we align ourselves with where he comes from or how competent he is?

Dr Linus Okorie has the pedigree and all that we are yearning for and will transform IMO into a model state and his CV evokes the following:He  has a proven track record in leadership, quality service , character, capacity, antecedents, positivity, value content, fear of God,   accomplishment in human capacity development,  etc

A graduate of Imo State University. Pioneer President Student Union Government Imsu,  Founding President GOTNI. He indeed is recognized and yet he rarely flaunt his achievements.

The recent adoption of Dr Linus Okorie by the following groups : South East Youth Frontliner,  Arise Afrika,  National Liberation Association is a welcome development.  Speaking to newsmen in Owerri leadership Blogger and Founder Arise Afrika Magazine, Mr Ikechukwu Anyanwu said \”It\’s  indeed commendable and a positive step which thankfully other bodies would soon be towing. After listening to LINUS Okorie speak on AIT,  and HOT FM  People\’s Assembly, you would be convinced that he has something to offer\”

Barr Kissinger Ikeokwu said \”Alex Ogbonna of People Assembly HOT FM  pressed Linus on the performance of the present Government. You know what. Linus refused to go into the gutter. No duel with politicians, just focus on the new message. He made his point, answered the question, addressed the challenges, addressed where Imo should and ought to be, avoiding Ad Hominem. Dude is grounded and thick.
To me, Imo has made progress for someone like Linus Okorie to decide to run for Governorship come 2019. That is the kind of message and debates we  want. We should not just win because Rochas or APC is bad, but because we have something better to offer. Tell us what you are bringing to the table and not just to cast aspersions on the incumbent. To me Linus has my heart. It doesnt matter if he loses. I am inspired. Even more inspired to dare beyond my limitations. But you know what. Impossibility is not a word to Linus. I think people will underrate this man at their own peril.\”

 The youths has also been  urged to get involved by going to their various LGA/wards to register and belong to a political party .

You are  invited to come as Dr Linus Okorie speaks to the Ndi Imo and the world at a Press Conference about the New Vision for Imo. The new Imo of our dreams, our children and unborn children.
Come and see the power of possibilities. Come and see that your children and unborn children can dream big despite all the debilitating factors.

Come and be inspired.

Venue is RockView Auditorium

Dateb is  3rd January, 2018.

Time is 9:am Prompt.

Come and be enriched from his wealth of knowledge and experience.

The groups are clamouring for not too young to Rule  and effective representation of youths at various cadres of government come 2019 and beyond.

Thankfully Dr Linus Okorie has offered himself to serve, the chance for a better tomorrow for us all is made brighter by this gentleman\’s offer to leave his personal business, family, friends and associates to give his time,  energy, experience and God given grace and talent to unleash the potentials in the youths.

It will be a great disservice to us youths if Dr Linus Okorie is not massively supported.  This is indeed the change that we can trust.

 *This time the people and their leader will govern together*

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