Arise Africa Achievers Awards 2021 Voting Poll



Arise Africa Awards requirement is 40% voting system and 60 % percent fans social media & presence at the event. (Physical  or Virtual)
We are doing this because we understand the importance of our supporters and fans of the awardees who will be having some challenges in the voting system.
We are reaching out to as many people as possible for the benefit of everyone who will participate in this years edition
1. Award Nominees are to send  their PROFILE and PHOTO via WhatsApp to 08037512288 or
2. Ask your fans and friends to VOTE  on this page
3. Support the event As We Raise the beautiful continent of Africa
4. Ticket Admits You To The Event 

Regular: N3,000

Silver: N10,000

Gold: N50,000

Diamond: N100,000

PLATINUM: N200,000

VIP Table & Seats can be reserved Online 

ACCOUNT NAME: Face of Arise Africa


BANK: Zenith Bank

After Payment Text FAA, your name, Amount to 08037512288 for Reservations

Celebrating Excellence In Africa!

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  1. I must thank you for putting up this to encourage professionals in their respective fields. This gesture will encourage them to do. We pray God gives you and your team to do more. This is exactly what is needed in this continent, rather than looking for Europe and American.
    Kudos for you and your team.

    • I am voting Bon hotel
      They’re the best so far and their staff are trained to be cautious and respectful.

      Their rooms are next to none and their breakfast is topnotch.

  2. The awards is career based and very well thought out to make sure that people who are doing well every profession and role is captured and rewarded.

  3. I vote Opara kelechi…

    God bless you more for your humanitarian service to us….
    You will live long.

  4. I vote for innocent ikpamezie,he is a true definition of a leader,his strength of carrying everyone around him along is what I cant fathon.

  5. I vote Engr ikpamezie innocent because he have touch some many youth life both in imo state and other states

  6. why has Dj Flex vote reduced are you guys playing politics? he was on 42% now its 21% not alone him likewise others automatically one Dj real votes increased…na wa ooo

  7. Am Voting Chris Jane ezetah
    My aunty,she has changed my live so i will like you guys to help me vote her she is the right person for the award if am to be asked

  8. My vote counts for BON HOTEL TRIPOD Owerri, u can’t beat the odds….the cleanliness is top notch, other hotels should learn from them and their staff interaction with guests are homely ……best in town… *****

  9. I’m voting Dr summers V C Nwokie ( founder Ikukuoma foundation) for life time achievers award, due to his numerous philanthropic work done within Imo state, especially in our LGA.
    He deserves to win, he’s an epitome of philanthropy.

    Dr Chinedu Ogunna.

  10. my vote goes to Jude jacinta Badass for her hard work and determination to make the less fortunate carry smile across the day knowing someone cares for them too. Thanks

  11. I vote Nnamdi Ume (NADALBITMAP) as the best creative director. He deserves this award as an encouragement to his contributions to the society.

  12. I vote Ugwuma Uche Nwosu as the Best Creative Director of the Year. He is deserving of the award. He is the President of Ugwumba Center for Leadership Center, the NGO that has continued to impact lives and through which many especially youths have been empowered to become successful entrepreneurs and make useful contributions to the Nigerian state and beyond.

  13. I vote for Nnamdi Ume as the best Creative Director.
    He deserves the award having paid his dues on the subject.

  14. I vote Hon Uju Kingsley Chima as the Proactive lawmakers of the year,he deserves this award because he has put smile’s on the faces of poor,

  15. My vote goes to Bon hotel tripod because the offer the best services as far as hospitality industry is concern. Your comfort is their priority, your safety is their reasoning and your presence is the hotel is the reason for their engagement, that is why the see you as their king and they cannot do without you. Your feelings is that the sing as their anthem in their chest that’s why the value your money than ever.

  16. DJ FLEX {ReachFm}…we gotch ur back on this…. just as u support Otown Artist Imsu, Futo, and Neked re voting for you massively… you are the Best no be today OG

  17. My votes goes to Golden Tulip Grand Hotel owerri because they offer the best service your comfort is their concern they deserve this award.

  18. Barri. CJ Onwubuariri was toping yesterday when I voted the pastor with 39% vote…
    How come today when i check , barrister is now 9% and the pastor is 67 or there about %..
    Is there something you guys are not telling us…
    Am disappointed..