The Publisher of Arise Afrika Magazine and foremost leadership blogger , Mr Ikechukwu Anyanwu commends Dr Linus Okorie for putting up a Leadership Summit at Owerri to educate, equip and empower Imolites AND successful hosting of Emerging Leaders Conference in Lagos
We bring to you excerpts from  Summit held at Rockview Hotels Owerri;
Leadership is not manipulation. It is not by force. If someone follows you without anything and you inspire them to achieve something, you are a leader. The leader is the man that makes things happen. A leader comes into a place and when he leaves, he wants to see the place transformed.  A leader inspires. The secret of becoming a global leader is to understand the word “globalization:
If you don’t say you are existing, nobody will know you are. To have a position does not mean you are a leader. To lead your life is the most important aspect of leadership. What gives leadership to you is the quality of development you give to yourself.
 Make yourself so valuable.

“Is there anything that I can do for you”  Invest your time. Every leader invests his time.
The speaker also threw more lights on the following:
Vision .  Integrity.  Passion.  Innovation.  Courage .  Intellectual Capacity .  Inspirations
Globalization:explore technologies, marketing , researching that can be used to your advantage.
Understand and know how to use the atmosphere of networking for yourself. The more people you have in your business network. The better for it.
Mobilization: It is the responsibility of the leader to mobilize. The greatest resources in this country is not oil. It is in human capital.
Communication:You cannot be a good leader without being a good communicator. You must understand both verbal and nonverbal communication. In times of crises, what makes you succed is your ability to speak.
“Develop your leadership capacity . When you gain mastery and do,  that can make it happen for you”
With that the speaker suggested following books for the participants. And guess what you have the key to your success in this books. The white man would say if you want to hide anything from the black man hide it in that book. But we say  to Africa let’s Arise  and become readers. Readers are Leaders!!
1.       Roadless Travel by Charley Hardy
2.       Uncertainty by Charles Handy
3.       Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
4.       Discovering The Giant Within – Tony Rosh**
5.       The power of Vision – Shake Mohammed
6.       The Power of Vision – Myles Munroe
7.       Burden of Freedom – Myles Munroe
8.       Leading Beyond Today – Linus Okorie
9.       BE My Guest – Conrad Hilton
10.   Where have all the leaders gone? Lee La Cooker
11.   Good to Great – Jim Collins
“ If we say the future belongs to the youths and in our consititution, we put certain clauses that makes it difficult for one to lead by 45 years. Then it means the future leader are elders”
3rd October, 2016 was a time for Capacity building and personal development at Gotni Leadership Summit. It was indeed a great time indeed and I will love to share a few details with you.
\”Until you learn how to share, you will not have more. Don\’t seek to be recognized. Seek to be better\”
Dr Linus Okorie
Out of his love, passion and commitment to youth development, Founder of Gotni decided to hold another Leadership Summit, despite his busy schedule and having been guest Speaker at Youth Assembly of Nigeria during National Leadership Summit held at IICC Owerri. Another Leadership workshop was organized by Gothni on Sunday 2nd October.
Where he spoke on Vision & Enterprise: The foundation of effective leadership.
At the Gotni Leadership program held at Rockview Hotel owerri. Dr Linus Okorie ( Whom I have had close acquaintance  with, The First SUG President Imo State University, founding President of Guardians of The Nations International, Author, TV and Radio Host of Leadership Clinic on Ait, Managing Consultant New Vision. mentors over 100,000 people)
He told the mammoth and expectant crowd that you can\’t give what you don\’t have. It\’s not good for a man who is not groomed to be placed in leadership position.
He advised therefore urged Imolites to strive to be knowledgeable.
According to him \”When you become a knowledgeable personality, you stand out. and our society can only get better if people come together to cause a change. As a leader.. you don\’t just follow a status quo\”
He went further to define vision and advised the youths to build their vision based on talents.
It was a great time of impartation. I was richly blessed.
We also had a brain storm session by various groups .
Ik Anyanwu – Life Coach, Leadership blogger and Arise Afrika publisher was leader of group one. He stood out to make a presentation on behalf of the group on Remedies to tackle Nigeria out of Economic Recession. Some of the points Mr Anyanwu spoke on includes :
1. Industrialization
2. Restriction on goods that can be produced locally.
3.Agricultural development
4.Improved Exportation
5.Prudently cutting down on current/recurrent expenditure
6.Massive Training of youths on different skills
7.Stable power supply
8.Good management of resources
9.Economic diversification
10. Infrastructural development
11. Bringing on board economic experts like Okonji Iwualas
12.Human Capital Development
13.Mechanized Agriculture
14. External training of young people to acquire technological skills from foreign countries
15. Development of SME
16 improved Security
17. Political restructuring
18. Investment in Tourism
19. Cutting down on expenses especially politicians
20. Implementation of Good monetary policies
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