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ORIGINAL AUTHOR:  Orin  Woodword

New York Times Best Selling Author, And his first book, “Resolved: 30 Resolutions For Life” made the Top 100 All Time Best Leadership  Book.  In 2011, Orin bagged Prestigious IAB Leaders of the year Award

If you want to be successful in life, its not just about making money, you have to learn how to save money. Because if you don’t know how to save money, you will always be on the edge.
The first time you have an accident, the first time there is a down turn in the economy, there would be no SAFETY FACTOR. you would have lots of problem if you are not the type that saves money.
There is a question that people usually ask, “why do people go for insurance?” their goal is that they never got to use it but in case it happens, they have something to fall back on.                            

The amount of money that you have saved is your INSURANCE. That is what you’ve got if you lose your job.  
How many months in a row can you live on, with no money coming in is based on what you have saved. 
 Lets look at the following principles in details:
A . Know what you make Net
The fist principle is know what you make.
Look at your pay cheque. Write all the things that come in. If your wife works write it down and don’t exaggerate. Do I make 50,000  is it net or gross? Remove your tax, tithe and then have the NET. It is your net that you have to work it.
Identifying a problem is the best in finding a solution.
#.  No “If come” money. Example or there is this bonus that would come. So they go ahead and make an expenses.
#Discipline  is very important. It doesn’t matter where you get the discipline.
 I cant be responsible if you are bankrupt ,  or if you are a millionaire. The most important thing is that you did it. Because I don’t know if you would apply the principles.
B.     Know all your EXPENSES
# Be liberal with your expenses. Be honest about it. This case scenario is worse most people who make money don’t know what they spend it on. If you are not honest with your expenses,  then you would not have a good budget.
#  If you find out that you have less money coming than going out, then you are broke.
# If you cant not control what you are spending. Then put yourself on allowance.
\”Honey this is 30,000, I don’t care what you spend. If you like spend it on one day, then we have to shut down till next week/month\” this is what I often tell my wife.
If you can do the above. The level of discipline you would be applying would be so great compared to what an average person would do.
# Average people in this country are killing themselves financially.
Example:  {When Orin drinks water bottles, because he doesn’t buy from store, he has his kids refills. He pays  10 cents a bottle to refill his water bottles. He drinks up to 10 bottles that\’s a bucks. (1 dollar a day
 If they do read a book and make a report, he pays them 20  -30dollars}
He teaches if you apply mental, you make a lot more money than when you do physical. You need to work hard. But when you apply mental to your life. No matter how much I pay them, they have to put 50% in the bank. I want to teach them just that you made the money does not mean you gotta spend it all.
# If you apply mental in your work, you would have to apply less physical in your life.
 Example: Orin kids were taught by filling water bottles.
Remember: Just because you made it, should not mean that you spend it all. Most reasons
#Don’t rub your future for the present.
Most of the things we think we need are not needs but wants
# You can live on 75 % because there is someone who is making that same amount (75%)   and lesser than that but the person is doing just fine.
 Why is it that one person is making 500k a month and is broke, while the person living on 50K still lives. Because they leave on luxury, by saving and living moderately they can save up to 450K
# If you can resist the temptation to improve your life style.
 “I want to buy this to impress myself by riding this car” then you are heading in the right direction.
#When you are able to achieve the 75%, then you step up to 50% savings.

D.    Never finance anything that depreciates outside of  house.
# I just want to get this car and then I will pay it off in 3 years. That’s it not right. Most things depreciates . Anything that depreciates, If you can’t pay cash for it, then leave it.
#If you deserve it, you have cash for it. Do you know how many times, my wife wants to buy something and I said “no”.  This is because we apply these principle. You would weather a lot of storms in your life by applying this principles.
If you make 50k you live in the house of 100k, If you make 200k you can buy a house of 600K.
You pay much more when you take credit/loan for things that depreciates.
 It doesn\’t make sense that you borrowed 150,000 dollars house over 3 years and then you pay 500,000 dollars for it. That’s because you would pay the interest.
E.     Understand 8th wonder of the world:  Compound interest.
The wealthy people have compound interest working for them.  While poor people have compound interest working against the, If you go to bed and wake up the next day and 8 hrs later you have 180k working for you. Then you are you much richer.
# Don’t lease a car.
People want to drive a new car  but they cannot afford it, so in leasing/hiring this car they pay heavily for it.
People who usually do this are ignorance of finances and they usually go in droves for this  but they have paid all the depreciation value. So they are paying for their greed.  300 dollars a month for over how many years yet at the end, you don’t own it. It does not make sense at all.
When you own a vehicle instead of leasing, you would save a lot of cost on transportation.

F.       FOLLOW 24 HRS RULE. 
# Don’t get into spontaneous buying. Lets sleep over it, and know why should we should buy it and why we  shouldn’t. The purpose is not can you afford it, but it should go deeper to do you need it.
#  The life style you live should be able to be funded by what comes in.
# Don’t leave to impress the Jones. Some people go broke trying to impress people that do not care. It makes no sense at all.
If you are paying interest on anything, then you have cancer in your finances. Interest – Cancer in your finance. When you have cancer in your body, what do you do? you cut it off. That includes your house payment, Car.
Can you imagine how much you would save if you own your house. When you own everything, then it becomes easy to save.
In America because of the Credit card syndrome a lot of people.
If you
If you take a look at what you have eliminated. Take a small percent and invest it.
Invest in the most important thing you have- BRAIN. Your brain is the most important thing you have on earth.  The only asset that would not be lost in economic downturn. They can take your books, but they cannot take away what the book has done to your thinking.
If you lost everything, but you have never lost what the book has done in your thinking
People would fight you when you tell them to stop spending much on lifestyles.
Lifestyles changes, when you change your thinking. When you take principles and apply in your life, you would not be the same again.
When you starve yourself mentally – then you die.
The information and conceptual age is upon you. And the only weapon that allows you to go to battle is your brain and you decide to starve your brain. You have to empower yourself. Don’t eliminate investment you starve yourself of the information, the you die.
There are many entrepreneurs in various fields. But when they get wealthy, people would start tracking you down to ask you to do one thing or the order for them. Just learn how to say “NO”.
There is a saying that “A Fool and his money would soon part ways”
Stay focused on the business. If you can learn this you would go far. Never invest in any business that you are not the prime mover. They just ask you give us the money and let’s work for you.
# If you Advance slowly, you would never have to go back to zero.
# You live today on the money that you made yesterday.
Don’t live on the money that you are expecting to make. That’s “IfCome”
# Use things. Love People. Don’t use people and love things. Teach your kids these principles so they don’t have to come back to live with you when they are 30.
# Money doesn’t make you materialistic.  Because we all make it. And we all need money in life.  Where we live requires money.


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