We have over 14 years experience as management consultant , Human Resources Specialist and
will handle your recruitment, staffing, re-engineering businesses that are performing below average.

We turn ideas into profitable business ventures. Creating a tsunami of impact that will add value, innovations which will definitely attract customers and ultimately profit. We are solution providers.
We will take you through the process of planning, budgeting, scheduling, site selection, coordination, logistics, transportation, arranging of speakers, decoration, security, catering, Ushering, Lightening, Publicity, weddings, birthdays.
Whatever the occasions is.
We will make it a special and memorable event for you. No event is too small. Call us today for a no obligation initial meeting on 08037512288


We will help you realize your goals, dreams and visions for your life.
Life coaching is an emerging and rapidly growing field. A life coach, coaches people to enable them to improve, change and develop aspects of their lives. Coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client.
Normally at Gcfn Consult we usually have a coaching session once a week at a scheduled time. During the session we will focus on the relevant information and issues. We will create and  implement strategies, consider different options and issues and then you’ll make decisions and commit to specific actions to move forward.
With this coaching structure in place, you will be continually focusing your attention on what
you really want. Not only that – you’ll be doing something about it! This coupled with holding you accountable and providing the ongoing help and support will make it very difficult for you not to make progress.
Why should I use a Life Coach?
The urge for change often does not last long enough for you to follow through – the motivation seems to come and then go. On your own, in the short-term, its easier for your life to remain the same, rather than do anything about it. But what about the long- term? How many times will you have had the urge to change, but not do anything about it?
What will the cost be to you in 5, 10, 20 years if you’re still the same and nothing has changed? Will you wish you’d started now?

Our conferences are designed to ensure
maximum networking among participants.
Individuals with diverse wealth of experience
will be present as Guest Speakers and
Discussants to drive discussions towards a
communique that signals a new dawn for our
Join us as we shape the future of this nation.
Learn from leading experts who will divulge
the latest research and forecast to reform
your business strategy.
Leave our event enthused and invigorated as
you introduce the innovations your business
that will ensure success in the hospitality
Be part of history as those who have
contributed immensely to the various
industries are rewarded and honored with
Award for excellence
Our Conferences provides a highly targeted
sales arena to sell and promote your brand
and services as people would be searching to
get the latest as well as the best products and
services for their businesses.
This is a great opportunity to place your
business at the forefront of the potential
purchasers of your product or services, in a
vibrant forum that has become well
established conference.
Meet potential employers and submit your
resume and increase your chances of getting
your dream job.
Developing leads: Face to face engagement
with key decision makers, you will be able to
develop quality business relationships.
Network with key people in various industries.
Building your database.
The Lecture/conference/workshops are
structured to accommodate four sessions
*The Lecture forum
*The Open Round Table Discussion
*The Achiever’s Award
*Conference Exhibitions
We will empower you and train you in various
skill acquisitions that will help you become an
effective and better entrepreneur.The
educational entrepreneurship arm of the GCFN
CONSULT is aimed at reorienting our
attitudes, empowering young people via
training, skills acquisitions workshop,
seminars. It is our solution to the lack of
focus and satisfaction found in our youths of
GCFN Consult serves as a sure guide for every
young man to discover his real self and
become who God originally purposed that he
should be.
Nothing can be more fulfilling than our seeing
you well accomplished in life
*To discover, develop youths and ensure
they are well trained intellectually, highly
skilled and of high moral values to provide
leadership in the country.
*To advance higher learning through its
thrust of intellectual, moral and cultural
excellence, animated by the virtue of
diligence, love and service;
*To develop academic partnership and
collaboration in teaching and research with
so that the products of Gcfn consults will
distinguished in various fields of
*To encourage the advancement of learning
and to hold out to all persons without
distinction of race, creed, sex or political
conviction, an opportunity of acquiring
higher education;
Documentation & presentation of programme
on video, radio, internet & print media.
Responsible for producing movies, talk show,
drama documentary and all T.V programme.
Publication of magazine, books, newsletter to
keep people abreast with the vision of GCFN.
Improve the quality of friendship through
networking in various groups across the globe.
We specialize in planning and management of
What is the occasion? Give the professionals
a call, we will take away your stress All our
Team members are certified. Be rest assured
knowing that we adhere to the highest
standards of the industry.
Our conferences and workshops are special.
What sets us apart includes the following:
Over 1000 owners of various businesses,
Hotels, Fast foods, Educationist, Civil Group
leaders Opinion molders and top decision
makers graces our event.Interactive sessions
where delegates get really involved and have
plenty of opportunities to ask questions and
get instant answers.One-on-one meetings with
decision makers in the state, industry .
Planning an event will definitely take a tool on
you. Our job is to take the stress out of you
and to provide a wealth of knowledge and
experience that will save you both time and
money. We will amaze you with diversity,
experiences and ingenuity when it comes to
events. As a team we are faster than any one
Professional, Reliable, with an amazing track
Creative, forward thinking and innovative
concepts guaranteed
Save time and money.
We discover and develop talents from
childhood , nurturing same to become stars.
due to non availability of platforms for self
discovery, most youths channel their strength
wrongly, so we want to help them channel
their zeal correctly and not into vices.
We also do celebrate and recognize people
whose vision, hard work, tenacity are
transforming the community and making it a
better place to live, work and raise children.
We believe that whatever you are doing, you
should thrive to be the best in that field.
Someone is watching what you are doing, how
you are doing it and what will come out of
it.We encourage, support people who are
doing well so as to motivate them to do more
Gcfn Consult has been in the fore front of
humanitarian services since its inception in
2005 and has networked with various
organizations to care for the indigent in the
society, undertaking the rehabilitation of ex-
prisoners, social mothers, drug addicts, HIV
\\AIDS victims as well as providing free
medical treatment for the sick, food for the
poor, clothing for the destitute and provision
for widows at otoko, umuoke obowu LGA Imo
We have been at the forefront and
championed the following:
1. Providing care, nurture and rehabilitate all
those who are in physical, material, mental
and spiritual needs; the poor, the depraved,
the abandoned, prisoners, the oppressed, the
distressed, the homeless and the dejected.
2. Protecting and defending the right of the
child, the helpless, the oppressed, and all
those whose rights have been denied or are
being denied.
3. Bringing peace and succor to broken homes
and families.
6. Provide gainful employment for the
7. Provide a good atmosphere for love, peace
and good neighborliness where these are
8. To provide counseling services, organize
workshops and seminars aimed at uplifting
the condition and environment of the average
child, men and women in the society.
In pursuit of these objectives, Global Circle of
Friends Network has been engaged in the
following activities: free medical outreaches,
care for widows, payment of school fees of
indigent students, contribution to orphanages,
feeding of street beggars, skill acquisition
\\rehabilitation programmes, payment of
hospital bills for indigent people, support of
the deaf, dumb and blind, counseling and so
We have a passion for kiddies and will provide
you with your mascots, Barney, Tom & Jerry
Cartoon characters, birthday parties, MC
We develop of all kinds such as schools,
churches, organizations, laboratories,
companies, hospitals etcetera. blog creation,
website domain registration, Website
maintenance, website hosting, database
security, android application development.
Java, C++ and Executive and Co-operate
Training. Bulk sms creation.
Simple Video Editing, Video Motion, Video
Cutting and Merging, Video Coverage, such
Funeral, Party, Thanksgiving, Birthday.
Television Advert. Film Production.
We also offer the following types of advanced
graphics design such as Cinema 4D, Flyer,
Complimentary card, Billboard, Animation,
Cartoon. Posters, Handbill, Roll up Banner.
Window Graphics and Photo Editing.

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