We bring to you excerpts & Px from the  Free Skill Acquisition Training/Seminar held on 4th March 2016

Hon Ik Gobonna: E-Entrepreneurship
He spoke on ICT and opportunities that abound in the information Technology for our youths and the need for us to start doing things in an innovative way.
He advised the youths to calve a nitche for themselves and be well known. You must not be doing thing because everybody is doing the same thing.
“If you are a blogger, you have to do something very unique. Don’t go into politics because everyone is doing so. You could blog on fashion. Look at Linda Ikeji today, she blogs on gossip. I for one does not like gossip. I go for news. You can do something that is even bigger than what she has done.
No one has taught about E Directorate: Bringing a number of things together and everyone would pay for it. You could get into App development.
He explained that an Entrepreneur is a risk taker. He also defined a Social Entrepreneur: SE is one who wants to make and social change. Look around you and you will seek that problem that you can solve and make money from it.”


Rev Ogechi Erondu

Rev Mrs Ogechi Erondu
I want to use this opportunity to thank the organizers of  this programme. This event is well packaged to transform live. 
2 Tim 1:6. To Stir up the gift of God that is in you.
I want to encourage you to ADD VALUE TO YOUR POTENTIALS.
There are so many potential in you. What is Potentials? Those endowments that God has deposited in you. They are your God given talent. They are Unique and freely given by God.  Have you been able to find out that which God has given to you?
You are empowered by heaven from birth. I want to encourage you to fan/stir up the gift of God in you. There are people when you look at them, you admire their lives. As I was growing up, I was asking how do  I impact the lives of others.  God gave me the vision of Mega youths Impacts Int. I also discovered that I love writing before you know it; I started writing my own books.                                                      
You have to discover then develop those talent.  Don’t dwell in ignorance.
 Ignorance will make one stay with nobles and yet die miserable. God forbid that would  be your portion in this life.
Look inwards, you would find out that there is something in you that others can benefit from.    Become a life changer.
 How do I know what am called to do?  Lets start with those things you have passion for.  What are the thing that inspires you?  Those  things you do and afterwards you have satisfaction is your call. I find out that any time that I speak to young people, it give me joy.
You created to be great in life so don’t settle for less. Don’t be a mediocre.
Who is a Mediocre?  Those whose potentials are not harnessed, they are satisfied with where they are. Life is about affecting the lives of other positively. Determine your own Value in order to realize your full potentials. There is always a place to start from. when Mr Ik Anyawu of Arise Afrika was giving his talk, he said that no one else will sing your song. Don’t stop at doing one thing, there are things you need to do that would help bring out the potentials in others.
Another thing is that you have to look up to God. The first step is to identify God. What have you  done in life and after doing that thing, you feel a certain kind of satisfaction? If you are given an opportunity to change something in your society, what would that be?  This generation is too loaded that they can never follow an empty mind. May your life never depreciates. Add value to your potentials and people would always appreciate you.

Rev Dr Mercy Ogbodo

Most times in Africa we have this attitude about knowledge, \”What is this person going to say that I have not heard before\”  But  whenever you think you have arrived, that is when you have stopped arriving.   I admire people that feels they don’t know much and continues studying, researching , trying to learn more and develop themselves.
It\’s a great privilege to sit and hear from this great personalities who have poured out a lot from their experience to bless our lives.
I would like to share form  2 chronicles 2: 2 \”Had understanding of thee time, they knew what Isreal ought to do….”
The Hebrew word  used her for understanding deals with “ To have an insight and to add to prudence. To have a deep knowledge and that you understand the implication of the knowledge and you know how to relate with that knowledge. Being skillful to know how to make use of that theory you had                     The essence of this seminar is not just for us to have the head knowledge
Matthew 24 Jesus began to talk about what we ought to do when certain seasons shall appear \” there would be Wars, rumor of wars . There would be hunger. Increased wickedness in the world. If you are in this location, move to this other place. etc\”
 Jesus was saying that we should begin to strategize ourselves when some things are happening.
Let\’ relate it to this recession period, this the time for us to get prepared. If you are going to be empowered business wise, you have to be prepared to understand the times and season we are in. You also need to be prepared spiritually as well as physically. Wisdom demands that you start doing certain things right. There is  need for empowerment that would sustain the human race. Not jut thinking about now, but the future. Go to interior places. You can start purchasing land from the villages, start going into agriculture, farming, fishery, poultry, start producing palm oil. There would come a time when the money you have would not have much value. So you should seek for ways to be self sustaining.
Recently I hosted a program \”Can Christians Kill in Times of War?\” I am not promoting Violence but then, But we have to posses an understanding of time, be well equipped in doing what God want us to do. I want to ensure that our people understand the times we are in and get well prepared. When we were staying in the Northern part of the country.  We were being persecuted;  at some point some people  knew when they ought to move.  
 So many people need to start listening to news, know what is happening around the world and especially in your immediate environment.
Part of my vision is to raise end time warriors, to empower youths and downtrodden women. I pray that God would release His Spirit upon you and cause you to do exploits wherever you are


What does Entrepreneurship really mean?  You can only understand something that you have a  pre knowledge of. That is why we have primary, secondary and tertiary level of education. And it point of this education, we see some of this thing repeated to us.
 If you bring an elephant and  fish and after teaching them,  you set a test to determine if they understood what they were taught.  But your test is for them to swim to know if they understood what you taught them. This would be very much unrealistic. We have what we call Individualized learning. you approach people at their level. From what they know.
I want to have an idea of what you know about entrepreneurship . There is need to go into a business in order to change your environment.  For me an Entrepreneur is someone who goes out there to solve a problem.
\”Nku nu na mba, na eyere mba nri\” A human being does not like discomfort.  But for you to be an Entrepreneur,  you have to move away from your comfort zone . Change is natural.
 A human being from Igbo language \”nmadu\’  meaning the Beauty of life.  It is not only in the church that things like this are taught. Entrepreneurship is when you look at your society. You leave that place and go to another place. Move from one location to another, you look at what you can do to better the environment and society where you find yourself.
DEFINITION:Ability to create something that was not there before this is the philosophy of Entrepreneurship. Most people don’t really understand what it means to make a choice. You have not come into existence until you make a choice. There has to be a mental detachment from the main scene. Why is it that a coach who is not in the field playing with the players would see what they are doing and make a change after which it would change entirely the whole game. For you to have a good grip of life, you need to detach. It is not just starting something. It is looking at the society and seeing a need which you would want to supply. Another way of moving away from your society is through a book. When you read  it opens up your mind. Broadens your horizon in life.
When you buy an IPod it is empty, you have to put the music and download everything you like in it. Life is like an iPod. A human being is like an IPod. It is the things that you download into the human being that it could play out. What you supply to the human being is what he would process. There is something inside of you, which you have to go bring out and give to the world.     
Ik Anyanwu- Publisher Arise Afrika

Hon Prince Odunze
\”When you empower an individual, you transform a whole community\” ..Hon Prince Odunze
An Entrepreneur is someone that has a different mindset. That looks at thing differently. He is someone who is into problem solving. You can create an App that aide in employment, or an encyclopedia on solution. IF one million people download that App that would be lots of money .
It is my desire and passion to mentor our youths. We would soon have TWO WEEKs of camping/Training by the time people leave the place, they must have gotten a business name, a website and a business Plan and they will be ready to conquer the world.
 It\’ quite shocking how we do things here, what we call empowerment here is giving people money.       In Uk, we gather people and teach them how to fish instead of giving people fish. 
There are over  1.10 billlion people are in the world. Think of creating something that would solve a problem. Share information and see how it would go a long way to transform the society. But the truth is that  most time we see that  we are quite greedy with our knowledge, why are we hording information.
One of the successful business today is network marketing.  When you look at even how some of this businesses are tailored:  they network with others in order to succeed. When I came 5m, and you have 5m and another person has 5m when we come together to do business.  We are no longer looking at a 5 million business but 15 million. There is greater capacity in coming together. So I encourage you to build capacity and also synergize, network.
You have to see yourself as a brand. What is the difference between Vasachi, Gucci and the tailor down the street? The same shirt you could have bought 100 pounds can be bought 2,000 pound. It\’ all abut packaging. You enter a shop and then treated as a king. The kind of smile you get right from the door is so much that you end up not remembering how much you are parting with for the services rendered to you.
This world is full of opportunities. Some of the challenges people are having, find a solution to it. Fix your prince on it



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