Serve God with Joy & Gladness by Pastor Ben Akalonu


SERVE GOD WITH JOY  by Pastor Ben Akalonu of Living Word Ministries Owerri Region

No matter how we try to look at it, without God we will not go too far in life.
One thing the Lord is demanding of us this year, is to serve Him with Joy and gladness.
He is not demanding too much. If you want to serve God this year, you must serve Him with Joy and gladness.
This is not a year that somebody will propel you to serve the Lord. This is not the year somebody will propel you to bring your tithe to the house of God. This is not the year that somebody will say give offering; this is not the year somebody will say go to fellowship, go to church.

God is saying whatever you have to do. Do it with joy. Dont allow anybody to push you.
God wants us to serve him with Joy.
This is what I want to do and am going to do it with joy! By the process of you doing it with joy, certain things will begin to fall inline.
All our expectations are not beyond God. There is no case that is too big for God to handle. God will look at a man that is a tenant in January by December of the same year, he is a landlord. He will see a man Trekking and before the end of the year, the same man starts giving out cars to people. He will look at a woman that is not married at the beginning of the year before the end of the year the same has become a mother.
How do we go about our personnel needs? Do we also get concerned when it concerns the things of God? The sleepless night we observe when it comes to our personal needs. When it comes to Gods needs, how do we behave? God has a need. Every child of God must be aware that God has a need.  How do we respond to the things of God.  As we have entered this year, lets serve God with Joy.
David said “I was glad when they said on time me let us go to the house of God
 Its important to note that God is not a poor God.  Sometimes we look at God as a wretched God. Because He is humble and doesn’t do gragra like the devil. He is not a taskmaster that is always turning the heart of the follower. Even the resources we think that we have is not  ours. God is the owner of everything. We are just caretakers.  one day the owner will come and will make a demand of us to give account of what he has given to us.
*no man can receive anything except it is from God*
1saish 61: 10. I will greatly rejoice in the Lord my soul shall be joyful in my God for he has clothe me with a robe of salvation. He has covered me with the robe of righteousness.
Whatever God tell us to do, lets do it let us rejoice. A brother said that to us earlier this year and I told him that is wonderful but the easiest thing this year is to make a resolution but the most difficult aspect is keeping it. The devil is not the kind of being that will hear what we said we would do for God and he will go to sleep. The devil must come to try you. Are you ready to do what you said you would do, that promise you made since, will you be able to fulfill?
Brethren, all through my little walk with God,  I have not seen a man that is lying on the sick bed and regretting that he is a child of God. You are loosing nothing by being a child of God. God doesnt disappoint anyone. Anywhere you see disappointment, you better look around it is mans fault. As for God, he is ready to keep his covenant with us but are we ready to keep ours?                                   “God I will serve u. whether there is  money in my pocket or not
We are fond of blaming God each time we pass though difficulty.  A little difficulty, we will begin to blame God and question Him.
1sh 7: 3 Therefore with joy shall we draw water from the well of salvation.
I like men struggling because I struggle too.
Wealth is a gift from God. Struggling doesnt give any man wealth. I hate laziness. Some people once you ask them to do a thing, they will say and they claim wealth from heaven. Thats being lazy. God himself hate laziness.
Poverty is a traveler, if he comes to your place and you give him seat, he will sit down and begin to suggest to you how your brother in the village is responsible for all your afflictions.
Many wealth for Gods people this year but you must draw with Joy.
You dont come to God with judgmental spirit. Anhghi eji obi ojo efe chineke.
God told the Isrealities, I will give you manner. Eat it daily. But some people said let me pack it and in the morning what happened? God designed this world in a way, There is nothing that you give to out give God. Giving to God is an opportunity to be blessed. As we are coming to God we must come with joy,
Whatever you are doing, do it with joy. Is it sweeping of the church, called to be a worshiper, come with joy , its not the day you like you do and the day you like  you stop. I will draw healing, prosperity, favour, wealth with JOY.
Even if I throw my bible away  that I will not serve God,  He will raise some one.
Habakuk 3: 17 though the fig tree shall not blossom. Yet I will rejoice in the joy of my s
Whether there is food on the table or money in my pocket, I have no regret being a child of God. How is he surviving, who is his source
Its dangerous for you to serve  God grudgingly.  I tell you the politicians, if you want to hold God. Hold him very tight. If u think God cant save you. Hold on to juju. But  one thing is sure, it shall surely fail you. Please fortify yourself in God.  If you wnt youcan go to the jujuman.

I encourage you to be ROOTED  in the Lord. Serve him with joy and gladness of heart.
Deut 28:4-7
Because thou serves not the Lord they God with joyfulness and gladness of heart for the abundance of things for all the things he has done for thee. Therefore shall thou serve thy enemies which the lord in hunger, thirst, nakedness  and want of all things
Serve the lord with joy. Man is created to serve. We are all created to serve. You are destined to serve Its either God or the devil. You can not stay ideal.

Join us for another wonderful and refreshing time in God\’s presence
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