One On One With I.O.C Walter: Discover what God has brought you to do & do it!


1. Can we meet you? Where were you born and what was growing up like.
I am I.O.C Walter, Coined from Ijoma Okezie Chukwukah Walter, Intl Gospel Music Minister, Pianist, Producer, Teacher, CEO, etc. I am married to Favour and we have two sons. I was born in Onitsha, Anambra State and grew up in an average home of 4 yonger siblings, me being the eldest, My late Father was a lawyer and my Mum was A Secondary School Teacher. Ours was an average home, we weren\’t rich but we weren\’t poor, Hahahahaha

2. What university did you attend and why you choose the course, skul?
I attended IMO State University and Studied Optometry although I never Practiced for one day. IMSU was more like what was obtainable when the original choices of Unizik and UNN failed and Optometry was also what was available as Med&Surg.didn\’t work out, and you know in every parents mind, once you are brilliant and intelligent, you must be a doctor, lawyer or engineer, so that\’s how I got there
3. When did you discover Gods call on your life to be a music minister?
I got born again in 1991 as a boy and I became aware of my Musical giftings and anointing in 1994/95 and had opportunities to sing in my church in those days at Onitsha alongside music legendary groups like,\’CIRCLE OF CHRISTIAN FRIENDS\’, They are grandfathers now, Hahahaha. Then I learnt to play the Piano in 1998.
4.How did it all start?
Mmmmm,A long story, but I met the Lord as a very young boy and so, being active in church, I, and people around me noticed that there\’s something special about me. My parents nurtured it by letting me attend christian programs and most times at home, I would lead the morning devotions and teach the Word, and at that early stage, adults would fall under the power of God either as I taught the Word of God or sang, bcos I haven\’t started playing Piano then. So it went on, I grew and kept discovering myself and The Holyghost, and here I am today, still discovering
5.Who motivates you to excel in life?
The Holyghost motivates me Thru The Word of God. I also Have mentors and Pastors I have passed thru. Presently , Rev.Chris Oyahkilome is my Pastor. I may miss some names if I decide to start calling names but God has caused me to meet great men and women who have been a great influence in my life and ministry
6. Tell us abour your little beginning. How did you nuture your dream?
I would say that I have not gotten to where I should be, but then I am not where I used to be. A really humble beginning, started from Nothing. All I had was my laptop which contained my visions and then The Word. Started my music studio in my little apartment then and got married in that little apartment. And gradually, I watched all that God showed me coming to pass and is still happening. From Nothing Yesterday, God brought me thru, caused me to come in contact with Great men like Pst Ifeanyi Igwe, Pst Adolph Nnebue, Pst Yahaya Dingamaji, Pst Uzor Peters, Odera Ilodibe, Tonneil Avo, Buchi, Bossman, Dcn Chike & Dcns Akudo Okafor and infact the Christ Embassy Family and many others I couldn\’t mention who taught me, guided me, believed in me, helped me etc. I wouldn\’t fail to mention that I have the best Family in the world. Very Supportive. When i say Family, I mean, My Wife, Nuclear, siblings, Inlaws, extended, etc. Everybody played a role in one way or the other, Positive or negative, Hahahaha. Today, I have a music and events company,(E-world Entertainments), with a big studio and so on, A family, Team(The Asaphs), Properties, Car(s), Travelled within and Outside Nigeria for the Gospel, and I have the privilege by The Holyghost to Host a Powerful End time move known as \’School Of Worship\’, a monthly fellowship meeting where we minister unto The Lord and also Teach on the True Essence and Meaning of Worship. I can go on and on. Grace is at work in me, That\’s all I can say.
7.How do you relax.
Music relaxes me. Gospel Worship songs and instrumental. I also love to relax by Listening to messages. Then I do movies too or I just sleep.
8. What kind of atmosphere motivates your songs
When am Praying, Meditating or Listening to God\’s word, I get songs. It may come with instrumentals first before the lyrics or vice versa. My songs are born out of fellowship with The Word.
9. What is the secret to your success?
Faith, Absolute Faith in The Word of God! Anything I put my mind to comes to pass
10. What do you see of yourself doing Five years from now.
Five years from now, I would be fully into World Apostolic Outreach Thru Music, I would have travelled to More Nations and Countries singing and Preaching the Gospel. I would have built a world class Music Company and I would have become one of the finest World class Gospel Music Ministers like, Michael Smith,Don Moen, Sinach, Frank Edwards, etc.
11. What is your final words to the youths.
Discover What God Has Brought you to this world to do and Do It. Jesus is at The Door already, There\’s no time to waste. Start That Business, Make that Money, Sponsor the Gospel, Sing That Song, Write That Book, Learn and Improve That Skill. Money is not the issue, it is your motivation… Provision comes to those with Visions. Let The Holyghost be your Guide, You will make it. God bless you
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