Winners of Face of Arise Africa Pageant

The Face of Arise Africa Magazine Awards & Pageant took place on Saturday 29thJuly at Benchmark Hotels Owerri  Imo State with the theme REDEFINING AFRICA TO THE WORLD.
The Magazine is known for raising the beautiful continent of Africa one information at a time and also creating a platform for self discovery and empowerment for the youths.  A top notch Entertainment & Media firm,    Model management and projection, Events, Training, Human Resources Development, Marketing of Brands and products and other community development projects.
Arise Afrika provide pathways and opportunities for youths to become active both in local, state and national communities.

The occasion which marked the grand finale of  a contest that began with 34 contestants online before the audition on 30thJune  where about 26 contestants emerged to  battle for the crown of who would be the Face of Africa  produced 10 Brand Ambassadors and 1 Queen of Africa.
The programme was moderated by Klasikal of Rhema Fm & E-Berry of Hot Fm. 
The programme kicked off with a red carpet and at about 4.30pm Henry Ibeh opened the meeting with a word of prayer, He introduced the Mcs  and the DJ took over the stage for the National Protocol.
The Arise Afrika Magazine was introduced to the Audience by the lady with a golden voice popularly know as E-berry. The magazine is published by Sommies Ltd.  “ By reading Arise Afrika you would be a ahead of others as there are many informative, educative and thrilling articles. She encouraged the public to ensure they pick up their copy” Articles includes Discover your Talents, Business Start Ups, Serve God with Joy, Mind Power of Relevance, So you want to Have a Friend,  Hold your Leaders Accountable,  Poverty : A curse, Disease or a Sponsored Predicament, Think Like a Victor, Stay Connected,
The opening remark was taken by partner of FAAPA Hon Mrs. Shirley Munonye .  \”If you have a dream, be careful who you take your dreams to because there are those that would help you achieve these dreams and those that would discourage you from achieving  it. FAAPA ​has been on for a while. You can agree with me that planning a program is not easy  I will like us to put our hands together for Mr. Ik Anyanwu, CEO Sommies, Founder Arise Afrika. He has done a lot in putting up this wonderful program and creating a platform for self discovery for our youths. He has really worked hard for what we are witnessing today. I want to welcome you all and thank you for associating with us and being here today  to be part of what we are doing.
 For months we have been impacting various skills to the contestants that today, we can say they have been equipped and empowered for the future. One thing I would charge you all today is that you don\’t have to wait for the government. You have to build your own brand and calve a niche for yourself.  This is a project that we decided to undertake because beauty is not just about the outside appearance but what is inside of an individual. Don\’t just sit at home and wait for a white collar job. But seek for ways of becoming self reliant. Don\’t just say you cannot do because there is something you can do. Please I appeal to you don\’t hesitate to help us whenever we come to you\”
The anchor took it up to challenge the audience, “Don’t shy away from something that you can do because someone says that you can not do it. Say you can and determine\”, you will this spurred the crowd as the opening formalities was concluded.
The keynote Address was delivered by Prof Mrs Adaobi Obasi – Vice Chancellor Imo State University.
She eulogized the organizer of the event ant charged the youths on self reliance. Nze Ralph Njoku – PRO Imo State University represented his principal at the event. “Today we gather you to redefine the Face of Africa. Arise Afrika has done noble in combing the south east and beyond to bring out this talented, aspiring beauty Queens who has received adequate training  to recreate their dreams, with all the training and level of exposure this  youths has gotten, we expect them to be useful to themselves and the community at large. We promise to support this noble initiative of our friend and brother Mr Ik Anyanwu who is setting a pace in the area of youth empowerment.”
After his Address  Pastor IOC Walter (an International Gospel Music Artist) began the performances for the day as he fired the first shot with his hit track
Nma si na Imo Putawhich caused everyone to stand up on their feet. Followed by  Onye oma muo odi  onye di ka gi
After which the host Mr. Ik Anyanwu  CEO Sommies Ltd/Founder Arise Afrika shared his vision.  In an eloquently delivered address, he left no one in doubt to what Face of Arise Afrika project is all about.    According to the Arise Africa Boss “ This Pageantry  will present a unique contemporary innovation that will give hope, sooth hearts, and uplift and promote ethical, cultural and moral values unlike most contests.
We will raise a generation of young people accustomed to godly values; integrity, honesty, self esteem, good character, poise, charm personality, beauty, eloquent.
Arise Africa will encourage young models by discovering and developing their talents.  Educate, Equip and Empower them with many skills that would take them to the top and not abandon their dreams because of lack of adequate platforms.
Arise Africa will cloud the entertainment / celebrity industry echelon with young models that would serve as role models for the younger generation.
Arise Africa would ignite the passion for a closer relationship with God, that will enable young people acquire the needed inspiration for the emancipation of African continent.
These laudable initiatives will birth-in some level of ethical and social implications for true Modeling in Africa, because this is not just another beauty pageant, but a platform to equip and empower out youths.
In conclusion, he called on Africans to come together and synergize for the development of our communities “we cannot be disintegrating when the rest of the world are integrating globalizing for synergy and mutual welfare.  We as a people must come together to design a modern African State. A just  Pan-Africanist society where every black man can stand  proud.
The Igbos have been ideologically consistent as a people centered political civilization, for a thousand year; we will remain so! Nothing less can satisfy this dream of a society that is built on Truth, Justice and Freedom for the promotion of a dignified African Life.
Arise Imo
Arise 9ja
Arise Afrika”
After delivering his speech the lady with a sensational voice Evangelist Esther ministered  in a
song “DON’T GIVE UP”.
This was followed by the introduction of the contestants  and the following Judges  :
Hon Simple Ugorji , Mr Okereke Chuks, Evangelist Esther Ine and Amb Uchay Odims
The highlight of the event was when the organizers and contestants did the  song “I Believe I Can Fly” alongside the  Ceo Face of Arise Africa Pageant. 
Next on stage to thrill the audience was Kelvin Fretless who added beautiful colors with his Violin.
The contestants later came up with their Unity Dance. Which caused the audience to be more excited about the event.
Henry Joshua was next on stage with his song *Shine your shine, Let us light up the world*
We had a comedian, Lady Gaga and other artist who entertained the crowd.
A short DRAMA with the theme: *Redefining Africa to the world*  followed.
Here is the excerpts 
: (Nnenwaorie, Nnedinma and Amaka Present)
Nnewaorie:(Takes a deep breath) There is great need for Africa to Arise back to how we use to be. Where there was no hunger, stealing and…
Nnedinma: Nne-nwaorie, is there​ any problem? You said Africa should Arise back to it\’s former place, is anything wrong with Africa?
Nnewaorie: Too many things are wrong with Africa, yes too many​ things.
Amaka: Nne, how was Africa and what\’s wrong with it?
Nne nwaorie:(takes another deep breath) moves up stage right and comes back with a key.
My children.
(They answered her)
My eyes have had no sleep thinking of the predicament that had befallen Africa and how we can come out of it. (They stared at her confused)
Many years ago before the colonial era, there was nothing like Padlocks (She shakes her Padlocks to a proscenium direction)
When you are going out, you only cross your entrance with bars. No matter how long you stay there, nobody enters your house until you remove it yourself but this days. You lock your doors with Padlocks before you could come back, your properties will be tampered with.
Amaka: Nnedinma\’t\’ grandmother told us about moonlight stories.
Nnenwaorie: I was coming to that. No  mother remembers such again because of the fear of staying out at night. Nnedinma bring the plate of pear behind that door so I can tell you more about African Tradition.
(She brings the pear, seats on her former position as Nnenwaorie continues her story.)
Nnenwaorie: As I was saying, in those days…
Pre -colonial era
A man is seen returning from the farm with the family together with some produce from their farm. Followed by a hunter returning with some hunts.
Another person is seen on a set making baskets and the siblings making pot. The farmer comes in with some yams and exchanges it with some basket and they exit the stage.

Exterior (A crowd Scene)
People are seen gathered on the center Stage, the leader of the crowd addressees them and finally a dance and other appreciative songs are tendered to thank the gods and entertain the crowd.
_light falls back on_
The post modern era
Amaka: Nne, You mean Life was this good in Africa?
Nna Nwaorie:Life was better, I did not tell you all now.
Nnedinma: Tell us more pls.
Nnewaorie: No my daughter. You too have to go and help your mother. Maybe next time, I will tell you more.
(They stand to exit the stage) Amaka still very deep in thought said:
Africa was this better before now. Why do we wonder into darkness?
Why do we take a mirage?
What don\’t we Arise and go back to our be, where we respect culture
(Nne nwaorie and Amaka stares at her continuously)
Arise Africa, Arise the great continent of my fathers, Arise and embrace who you are. (Now walking out with lines, ARISE oh great continent Africa.
*Light fades completely*
After this the contest began in Ernest, we had the contestants in a causal attire, traditional and dinner gown. After which we entered the semi final where the Top ten emerged. They are 
At this point  Ok Davis took up the stage to do  a song as the atmosphere was rally becoming tensed and everyone waited for  who would become Face of Arise Africa 2017
After his special piece,  the host took up the microphone and announced  “And the winner of Face of Arise Afrika 2017 grand finale  is no other person than  Queen Precious Okoro a student of Federal Polythenic Nekede”. She represented Angola in the competition.
Other consolation prizes includes 1st Runners up  Miss , @ 2nd Runner up Miss….
And Miss Frontline  Arise Afrika by  Miss Mali (Lydnda) ,Miss Unique Arise Afrika:- Blessings Amadi,Miss Dozzymore (Williams Grace), Miss Social Face of Arise Afrika by  Miss Nigeria (Shelly),Miss Creative (Chioma Usman),  Miss Blue ribbon –( Marycynthia)Miss Gabon, Miss Tourism by (Adaeze Bathlomew) Miss Burkina Faso, Miss Heritage( Rosemary) , Miss Culture – (Annette Anyanwu), Miss Jireh – (Amarachi Azuguma)
Face of Arise Africa has come a long way in  redefining  pageantry. After 8 weeks for the contestants.
The Face of Arise Afrika Pageant & Awards was a classic one and quite remarkable for both the contestants and the Awardees.
The event peaked with special recognition and Awards. Some of the  Awardees/Dignitaries who received special recognition at the event includes:
Life Time Achievers Award
  1. HE Nneoma Nkechi Roachas Okorocha
  2. Senator Bright Nwanne
  3. Dr Kalu Idika Kalu
Distinguished Personalities of The Year Award
  1. Ugwumba Uche Nwosu
  2. Hon Dcn Chike Okafor
  3. Rt Hon Ugonna Ozuruigbo
  4. Hon Kennedy Ibeh
  5. Hon Kenneth Agbim
  6. Dr Ebere Uneze
  7. Ugoeze Shirley Okwudinma
  8. Amb Uche Ogbuagu
  9. Bar COC Akaolisa
  10. Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha
Face of Arise Africa Awards was another season to celebrate people, places and values as the organizers used the opportunity to pay tribute to the following for working towards Africa Arising.
Best Brands Awards ( FROM THE ONLINE VOTING)
  1. Prof Mrs Adaobi Obasi – Educationist of the year
  2. Pastor Jarlath Onuegbu- Icon of Integrity Award
  3. Rev Dr Bunmi Babs – Icon of Integrity Award
  4. Hon Mrs. Shirley Munonye – Media Icon Award
  5. Amb Uchay Odims – Africa Youth Impact Award
  6. Broda Bossman-Comedian of the year
  7. Egbeigwe Apama – Nollywood Actor
  8. Michael Ayomide Balogum – Excellence in Commercial Service Award
  9. Rev Dr Fidel Onuoha – Youth Mentor of the year
  10. Dr Mercy Ogbodo – Youth Mentor Award
  11. Skin Exclusive – Best Boutique of the year
  12. Leadership Development Foundation for Civic Literacy – Civic group of the year
  13. House of Freeda – Best Brand Award
  14. Rotary Club International- Best Community Development Organization
  15. Imo State University – Best Tertiary Institution of the year Award
  16. Prodiverse  Global Ltd
  17. Pastor Adesoji Joseph – Gospel Music Personality of the year Award
  18. IOC Walter – Gospel Music Personality
  19. Evang Tonniel Avo – Gospel Music Personality
  20. Henry Joshua – Gospel Music Personality Award
  21. Hon Prince Odunze – African Youth Impact Award
  22. Hon Iruono
  23. Ik Ogbonna
  24. Hon Simple Ugorji – African Youth Impact Award
  25. Aqua Victor – Creative Director of the year
  26. Royal Price – Movie Director of the year
  27. DJ Pakky – Best DJ of the year
  28. Jireh Restaurant – Best Restaurant of the year
  29. Hair Forest – Beauty Shop of the year
  30. Nigerian Eye Newspaper –  Best Newspaper of the year
  31. Eyitope Kuteyi – Media Personality of the year
  32. Channels Tv – Media Outfit of the year
  33. Nnadozie Osuigbo – Exceptional Young Entrepreneur of the year
  34. Spicy Suya – Innovative Recreational Spot of the year
  35. David Imeh of MTN-  African Youth Impact Award
  36. Klasikal Chinedu – Best Comedian of the year
  37. Ebere Uzodinma  Akanolu (E-Berry) Best Radio Presenter of the year
  38. Jerry Osuji – Media Icon of the year Award
  39. Hon Rodney Ajaelu – African youth Impact Award
  40. Hon Paddy Obinna – African Youth Impact Award
  41. Frank Nneji – Entrepreneur of the year
  42. Pastor Austin Nnadi – African Youth Impact Award
  43. Rt Hon GT Samuel – Youth Ambassador Award
  44. Kisaha- Ceo Amiboisland- Best Blog of the year
  45. Anaturuchi Greenbrain – Imo Netprenuer of the year Award
  46. Evette Institute of Catering & Fashion Design
  47. Xbusta – Best Hip Hop Artist
  48. Ok Davids – Best R&B
  49. Kelvin Frettlless – Best Music Instrumentalist of the year
  50. Blue Ribbon Lounge – Recreational Spot of the year
  51. Golden Touch- Best Makeup Artist
  52. Mr. Chinedu Hardy Nwadike CEO O Town Gist – Creative Blog
  53. Ariseafrika.com – Innovative Blog
  54. Casmir Nzugoro of Mbaiseblog
  55. Kisha – Ceo of AmiboIsland.com
  56. Owen Brown of Blazers Magazine
  57. Okereke Chuks – Ceo Miss Diamond Nigeria Pageant – African Youth Impact Award
  58. Kaliuko Richard – Ceo Gentle Studio  Creative Studio of the year
  59. Okey Ikeh – STA Studio  Best Studio of the year
  60. Kanu Nwankwo – Sports Personality of the year Award
  61. Eke Best Chigozie – African Youth Impact Award
  62. Dr Mrs Ikejiaku – African Youth Impact Award
  63. Dr Linus Okorie African Youth Impact Award
  64. Living Word Academy Primary – Best  Primary School of the year
  65. Federal Girls College Owerri – Best Secondary School of the year
  66. Hezekiah University – Best Private University of the year
  67. GTB- Best Bank of the year
  68. Esther Ine- Expectional Manager of the Year
  69. MTN – Telecom Company of the year
  70. Villa Garden  Hotels- Best Hotel of the year
  71. Ibari Ogwa Village – Best Recreational Spot
  72. She Needs A Roof Project – Humanitarian Service Award
  73. Frank Nneji – Entrepreneur of the year
  74. Senator Sam Anyanwu – Most Accessible Senator of the year
  75.  Shoprite Owerri – Dynamic Brand of the year
  76. ABC Transport – Best Transport Company of the year
  77.    Crunchies Fried Chicken – Best Fast Food Company of the year
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