Linus Okorie\’s Declaration In Full (Speech & Pictorials)



\”I was 19 years old and have just finished serving as senior prefect Government Secondary school owerri when the burden for leadership development hit me. For weeks I could not sleep as I continued to study the entire book of Nehemiah. I was amazed by the story of a great man who left his comfort Zone to lead a movement that rebuilt his country and went ahead to model outstanding leadership as Governor. I resolved I will raise leaders that will transform our great nation.

Few weeks after that resolve. I met Mr Chudi Onuzo who was then Director General Imo State Broad casting Corporation(IBC) and we went ahead to float Guardians of the nation International (GOTNI)  I am glad to announce that is over twenty two years today that we have been in the business of raising Leaders. I am very excited that over 300,000 people have been impacted directly and millions through Radio and television. Our Leadership influence has spanned the board rooms, civil service, Public service, military, police, Paramilitary and many private sector organizations.

I have researched, studied leadership as a course from some of the best universities in the world from regent to Harvard universities and to some of our great institutions across the globe. I have also been mentored by some of the best minds you can find on earth both local and international space .I have been honored for my work by the American Government and many institutions of high repute globally and locally. I am also the author foots prints leading beyond today that was forwarded by Dr Myles Munroe. I have gotten to the point of my life as a result of exposure to Global leadership best practices to understand that everything rises and fall on leadership. There is a strong connection between greatness of nations and the quality of leaders that they have.
Today it is very clear that nations of the world that have made great progress are nations that have invested heavily in developing the leadership capital of their next generation of leaders. It occurred to me that for many years Imo State have suffered greatly as a result of deficit of quality leadership capital. Those who rise to positions of leadership most time do not have the slightest knowledge that leadership is Selflessness, compassion, and service to the people.

Imo people have experienced hardship, frustration, poverty and depression. I honestly think it is time to end bad Leadership in Imo. We cannot continue to elect men and women who are only thinking of self to continue to lead us. How can the worst of us continue to lead the best of us .Imo State is a great state with a human capital index that is celebrated around the world. Our greatest asset as a state is in our human capital ( IMO NWERE MADU}. Every Imo Citizen is an asset. No matter how poor your leaders have rendered you as an Imo man or woman, you are not a liability, you are an asset. You deserve to be invested in. You deserve better treatment, you deserve quality health care, you deserve much more than you are getting.

It is time to end bad leadership and unleash prosperity in the state. I have been thinking about Imo for some time now. I have a sense of destiny that God has been preparing me for a time like this. I have been thinking about imo as I travel the world and see how nations of the world are making great progress my mind is  contuse to think Imo. So when I think IMO I see possibilities, when I think Imo I see progress when I think Imo I see prosperity. It is time for our Imo to prosper.
Last year I and a few professional sons and daughters of Imo State sat down and gave birth to a concept known as IMONKEANYI. It was born out of the desire to end the  continues economic empowerment of a few people while majority of Ndi Imo remain in abject poverty. The central ideology of ImoNkeanyi is to foster a sense of belonging and collective ownership of the resources and wealth that belongs to the state. We resolved to mobilize all Imo citizens where ever they are located in the world to organize ourselves and elect men and women of honor , integrity ,vision and commitment to the common good to leadership positions across the state. Ladies and gentlemen I am glad to announce that in six months IMOnkeanyi is now a living entity in the corporate affairs commission and is now in major cities of the world ready inspire Imo to elect brand new leaders who desire to work for the common good.

Ladies and gentlemen Again I have thought leadership for 22 years, I have consulted for top military officers, police ,government organizations  ,political class as  well as private companies. Last year I started to think is time for me to model leadership. I became sick and tired of bad leadership, I thought it was not just enough to teach leadership but though I could model a leadership that works. The young people are in great need of political role models. I want to be a mentor that will inspire the next generation of political leaders. I am hungry to make a difference. I just want the leave a legacy.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present myself to run for the office of Governor of Imo state. I will be a great governor by the grace of God. I  will run a Government of the best of the best that will inspire Imo people to simply be the best they can ever be.
My vision for IMO is A World Class State with Endless Possibilities
My mission is to model a world class Imo filled with endless possibilities through massive human capital development and youth employment, Attraction of Global and local resources, Unleashing of excellence in Governance ,Investment in first class infrastructure and these will Lead to a quality ,productive ,robust and thriving economies for all Imo people.

Having taken out time to analyze the vision, mission and dynamics of all the political parties in Nigeria to select which one fits into my ideology and political philosophy I am excited to announce to the world that I have decided to join a progressive and forward looking party, Young progressive party (YPP).If you are physical young and young at heart and desire to see progress in Nigeria, this is the party to belong to. The winning party.

Ik Anyanwu Declaring the event open -Atmosphere of Worship 

Sir (Barr) Chudi Onuzo -Dg Imo Nkeanyi in Welcome Address 

State Executives of YPP Welcoming Dr Linus Okorie 


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