Exclusive Interview With TC Chairman of Mbaitolu Local Government Area


Arise Africa: Exclusive Interview With TC Chairman of Mbaitolu Local Government Area


Excerpt of the Arise Africa Exclusive Interview with The TC Chairman of Mbaitolu LGA Chairman 

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Arise Africa: 1. Please can we get to know you?

My name is HON.  CANICE UGO MBA the Current Transition Committee Chairman Mbaitoli Local Government of Imo State.

2. What are your challenges as TC Chairman within this short period of PDP Government in IMO State?

As a matter of fact,  15th of June 2019  was the day we were sworn-in by the State Government which the Workaholic  Governor,  asked us to swear in other members of the council the next day after our inauguration. We came on board barely 3months ago and met a very bad System in the Council which people can attest to, that the past administration didn\’t really do well at all.

For 8 years of APC failed Adminstration, there was nothing to write home about in Mbaitoli Local Government. Everywhere was very bushy and messed up. A lot of refuse dumps here and there. We had to begin by paying great attention to the environment for it is said that Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Today you can see how neat everywhere is in line with the Clean and Green initiative of our State Government. Before we came on board, there was no light at  the Council Headquarter. We came in and sanitized the system. We inherited lots of problems but we are taking adequate care of  them with due process by request for patient and Support from the Good people of Mbaitoli LGA.

3. What are the gains or achievements as TC Chairman?

Today if you got into all the wards you would find out that we are doing into numerous projects. like: The Renovation of Schools, health centers, Borehole, Provision of chairs in the class rooms , equipments etc. These are real and verifiable projects. And they all are at 70% completion

Outside these ones, there are 2 gigantic projects ongoing at the Local Government Headquarter. One is a secretariat and the other is stadium which is an initiative of the State Government.

Our initial plans was that evey  month, we will have one project or the other to show that we are really trying our best.

Right now our youths are going through Agricultural training, which when completed will impact greatly on our economic Growth and Societal Development.

From a consumption based economy we will transform into a Productive based economy.



4. What are policies strategy put in place to touch lives at the grassroot?

Firstly, I  have to thank His Excellency Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha Ome Nke ahuru anya who made it mandatory that every TC Chairman must reside in the villages. He made it possible for us  to stay with our people unlike before and this really is an added advantage to us for it aid us to know the needs of our people and possibly attend to them.

Our policies strategy therefore is centered on bettering the life of our people. Ours is Human Development or People\’s driven council. The first step we took when we came on board was to call for a strategic meeting with our the good, the Bad and the Elites, after consultation we came up with programs across the 12 wards.

For instance when we began the issue of every Staff to clock-in and Clock -Out. Most of the staff were not properly guided. I have to call for a meeting and explained the system to them personally which they adopted it.

This has improved greatly the staff productive level. It is no longer business as usual.

5. What is your plans for youths and women empowerment?

As you can see,  before now every young person would like to move out from the village to towns because there was no good job but we are going to change that narrative with the introduction of the stadium, sports activities and our talented youths can  be well harnessed and development right here.

This Government has laid great empathizes on human capital development.

Yes,  presently we are training over 200 youths in Agricultural.

Many of our youths are also given  financial assistance to support them in various fields.

6. What do you intend to do that will distinguish you from other Local Government Chairman?

We must work hard to lay a legacy by the time we are done in 6 months time.

What we want to do differently is to ensure that unlike the previous administration, due process must be considered this time around.

Right now we are constructing over 600 seats for our schools ,

Also we\’ve bought vehicles for the Local Government. The people coming after us will definitely meet working tools.

As soon as the rain subsides we will commence the Construction of roads. Mind you Our roads are so bad. We have done palliative measure on our roads. We have a situation where two villages is being cut down into two at Ugwu Ebom.

7. What is your take in the forth coming LGA Election in IMO State?

When we get to that stage? Right now we have an assignment and all our attention are focused to REBUILDING IMO POLICY.

When you carefully observe the system, you will see the kind of damage done by the past Administration. All hands are on desk to REBUILD IMO.

8. It is within the public domain that your people are desirous of you running for Chairmanship at the council, what is your take on that?

Well all I will say is let\’s keep our fingers Cross but for now I am nursing no interest till I consult my God. We need to be careful for me not to be misled.

The good work we have done so far within few months is already surpassing years of previous administration.
The fact is that the Governor gave us 6 months and we cannot disappoint.

Whatever I can do, I would do it in 6 months.

I want to ensure my Successor tells good Stories about me to press  and my legacy be very loud.

I am the type that would not want to disappoint.

9.How is the working relationship between you, the council and His Excellency the Executive Governor?

Very cordial.
We cannot be where we are today without the support of His Excellency Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha.

His Excellency allowed us and gave the council free hands to do their job.

10. What is your opinion/assessment within the six months of the Rebuild IMO Initiative

His Excellency has done marvelously well.

To build is very easy.
To Destroy is simple.
To Rebuild is a more difficult task. What His Excellency is doing is Rebuilding IMO. What we meet on ground is so disastrous but the moment His Excellency came, he put machineries in motion to ensure that due process is restored and governance.

A Governor that met an IGR of about 240m and within the last three months made an increase to 800m, is a Governor that must be celebrated.

Transparency, Due Process, and Accountability has retuned in our State IMO.

11. As the TC Chairman, what effort is the council putting to ameliorate hardship and to create employment opportunities for the teeming youths that are unemployed?

Like I said earlier our youths are part of those presently undergoing training.

Very soon when the embargo on employment is lifted, we shall ensure more youths are gainfully employed.

When we came on board, we observed that due to location of most health centers in the village, there was need for adequate security. So we engaged security personnel in various wards so as to safe guard our health centers. Due to location most of them were prone to attacks and it became very urgent to eliminate level of crime in the rural areas.

12. We know  that some of the Disengaged LGA staff are from Mbaitolu , What is your advise to His Excellency?

The present Government is one that empathizes due process.

If you do the right thing and do it at the right time and do it rightly well then there would be no problem.

We all are here 2019.
The past administration as they were about leaving office injects people into the system without following due process. That is not right. However we know that when the embargo on employment is lifted, these our sons and daughters like others will be given opportunities.




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