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A model is a person with a role either to promote display or advertise commercial products or to serve as a visual aid for people who are creating works of arts or to pose for photography.

To be a model,is not all about the stature beauty or status but one needs to be smart ,intelligent ,humble ,keeps to time, hardworking,courageous and most especially prayerful. All these are very important

Having the right look and talent  is inherited genetically. The other part of modelling is knowing what to do,how to market yourself and deliver what the client needs. Professional models constantly look good in front of a camera. The part after the genetics is what makes a professional model and leads to a career in modelling.

Models are hired by companies to advertise their clothing or product by way of magazines, television, newspapers, catalogues, billboards, and online. Print models participate in photo shoots, in which they pose for photographers. Models change their posture and facial expressions to capture the look the client wants. The photographer usually takes hundreds of pictures of the model in different poses and expressions during the shoot. A models needs to get prepared before going for a shoot. You are expected to have your own pose ahead. It is not the duty of your boss or your client to give you pose. IT IS HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE TO WAIT FOR YOUR BOSS, MANAGER OR YOUR CLIENT TO SHOW YOU HOW TO STRIKE A POSE

Models typically do the following:

Pose for artists that are taking photos, or creating paintings or sculptures
Promote products in commercials
Display clothing, such as dresses, coats, underclothing, swimwear, and suits, for a variety of audiences and in various media
Display accessories, such as handbags, shoes, and jewelry
Promote beauty products, including fragrances and cosmetics
Work closely with photographers, hair and clothing stylists, makeup artists, and clients to produce a desired look
Wear designers\’ clothing for runway fashion shows
Create and maintain a portfolio of their work
Travel to meet and interview with potential clients
Conduct research on the product being promoted—for example, the designer or type of fabric of a particular article of clothing

How long does it take to become a Model?

It takes time to fill up a portfolio with great images and build momentum in the modeling industry. It all depends on what one\’s interpretation of success is, but the bottom line is that the better the portfolio, the more work one will get.

Thinking of modeling as a business and the model as only one part of the equation is important. There are many people behind the scenes that models need to work well with, so having an easy going attitude and a hard work ethic will go a long way in getting jobs. Being able to be fearless in front of the camera or on the catwalk is also important, as there\’s usually not a lot of time to get things done.

Models that are starting out should give themselves at least 18 months to get a feel for what is needed and wanted in the industry.

There are various types of modelling
The various types of models we have are:

Fashion model
Runway model
Commercial model
Swimsuits 🩱 and lingerie models
Fitness model
Petite model
Promotional model
Print model etc

A whole lots falls for fashion and runway models but trust me all pays well

Also depends on your stature because for runway you have to be very tall and slim

Fashion editorial models are faces you see on magazines . The height requirement of editorial fashion model ranges between 5fits9inches,6fts for female models. Male models always come height which are 5fits11inches etc. This is the most sought after in the modelling industry. Fashion models mostly work with fashion designers and they are always strict in picking models that suits for the job.

Talking about Runway models

Runway models is also known as catwalk models this model also work with fashion designers and helps them to showcase their clothes to the public and brings them to life. Runway models are expected to be very tall and slim.

Commercial models has the largest classification of models . Here,you can be of any age,size or height . Some of the places a commercial models is needed includes advertisements of products and services ,tv trade shows ,live event etc

For those that are not tall or those that are fat chubby etc
You fall mostly into this category because you can be of any sizes or shape to do this

Swimsuits 🩱 and lingerie models mostly advertise sleep wears,lingerie,undergarments,and other exciting varieties. They can also work for showroom varieties

I see a lot of upcoming models running away from doing this and yes I was once like this”no I can’t wear lingerie blah blah 😑 but trust me it actually depends on what you are asked to do and what you are asked to advertise. You wearing this doesn’t mean you are a bad child but it actually what you have passion for

To be a model is not easy trust me it’s not but consistency helps a lot if only you have passion to be a successful model.

Talking about fitness model

Fitness models are mostly health enthusiasts and they help brands to showcase products . Fitness models are mostly athletic. Male models does this more often
Though female do this too but very few.

I believe I have made some points today based on our topic but if you need any clarification, kindly drop your message I would respond to them

Thank You ☺️

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