Ghana Dec 7th Election Prophecy:Prophet Ala Mongo Congratulates Dr.John Mahama in Advance


Prophecy has been part of political leadership since the time of the bible, every king had a prophet and In our time prophetic predictions has not been scarce regardless of who is at the helms of affairs in our nation and other part of the world.

The newest voice in Gods Prophetic Kingdom, a non denominational Christian who was born and raised under the precepts of the Baptist Church in Nigeria has revealed a shocking prophecy on his social media timeline, affirming an election victory for former President of Ghana John Dramani Mahama in the Ghana presidential election coming next week.

Prophet Ala Mongo has stepped in into the a familiar terrain that is rife with tragic consequences, as we all remembered the alleged prophecy of Prophet T.B Joshua that affirmed a sure victory for Hillary Clinton over trump which failed to materialize, and had him searching for words for further explanations to that prophecy.

Mr. Amanze Ononiwu known as Prophet Ala Mongo  who was born in Imo State Nigeria and does not subscribe to membership of any Church but attends anyone his spirit directs him to, rose to prominence when his prediction on the US Presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump on the 5th of September  came to pass, as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were adjudged as the president and vice president  elect of the last presidential election in the USA, his followers were elated and flooded his Facebook page to praise God for the grace he has allotted him.

Ala Mongo has been in the business of prophesying for over 21 years now, which he does privately to people ,sharing to them messages that he received via dreams and vision  from God to them, and none has failed to come to pass, as they all materialized the exact way it was played to him by God  in his minds eyes he said.

The dynamic young Prophet  discovered that he was blessed with the gift of discernment, when he realized that whenever he saw things in his dream or in vision that it always come to pass, so he started paying attention to his dreams and started to carefully interpret their contents to himself and also trying hard to relate the messages to those that it belongs to whether he knows them or not.

Ala Mongo’s prophetic profile skyrocketed when he rightfully predicted and congratulated Biden for his expected victory on the 5th of September 2020, a full month before the election. This spurred  his fans and followers to excitement as they were surprised that he could give a negative prediction against Trump following his popularity in this part of the world hinged on his Christian principles, but he told them not to worry that the ways of God are no the ways of man.

“ Many people in this part of the world believed that Trump has already won the election even before it had been conducted, but the way of God is not the way of Men, God closed my eyes briefly one day and showed me  Biden and Harris jubilating and I heard a voice clearly explaining the pictures to me that Biden should be congratulated and that’s what happened’’ He said

“My Prophecy must come to pass, am not against Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo,I have no stake in the Ghana Election, I do not have any NDC or NPP friends, so am not doing anyone any favour or trying to sway peoples opinion, but I must speak forth what my eyes has seen and what the almighty has revealed to me, Nana Addo Dankwa can try to seek the face of God to see if the vision can be reversed but I know for sure, that what I had seen must come to pass and that’s why I am congratulating John Dramani Mahama in advance’’ He Concluded.

The truth remains that God sometimes deferred promised outcomes. Elijah prophesied the destruction of Ahab’s line (1 Kings 21:20–24). Yet after Ahab humbled himself, God told Elijah privately that because Ahab humbled himself. I won’t bring this disaster while he is alive. Instead, I’ll bring it on his household in the time of his son (21:29).

 The scenario in the paragraph above is possible, but Ala Mongo has assured his followers and the world at large that his revelations do not go wrong and what he had seen was shown to him by God through the holy spirit and he has no power over it.

“ I know what the lord has shown me ,and am saying it to the whole wide world, thereby staking the most precious thing that I have ,which are my words hinged on the visions that i receives from God, though impossible is nothing, I see no way back for Nana Addo Dankwa to the Flagstaff house after the Ghana Dec 7th elections.” He completed.

 Watch this space for update on the outcome of this prophecy as Ghana goes to poll on December 7th with the election results expected to emerge few days after the election, which shall be duly announced by the Chairperson of the Ghana Electoral Commission, the authority that serves as the only valid election umpire in the West African nation.

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