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You may have come across various publications with an assortment of objectives.

However, here is one publication with distinction in every area.

It is therefore with excitement that we introduce you to another edition of Arise Africa Magazine -an International magazine.

This edition carries some exciting stories that continue to justify Arise Africa Magazine\’s rising profile as an educative and entertaining publication that you can trust.

There is no gainsaying that we have over the years been successfully Redefining Africa to the world. This edition goes even further towards advancing that goal.

We want to in a special way appreciate Founder of Arise Africa Network of Nigeria, Mr Ikechukwu Anyanwu for coming up with Arise Africa Achievers Award -designed to Celebrate Excellence in Africa. And also for ensuring that this timely Magazine is sustained

We celebrate all our Award nominees for 2021 edition. Jamie Pajoel  and Jeph Akaehie are among the distinguished personalities we shall be recognizing for their vision, enterprise and contributions to youth development across Africa.

In this special edition, we also bring you inspiring Articles, Portrait of Achievers and Trailblazers, Arts & Life, Country Focus, Religion, Politics, Inside Imo and Events

The contents, we know will certainly interest you.

It is our belief that  posterity will acknowledge and celebrate Arise Africa Network as one of the movements that led to the development and full independence of Africa.

Arise Africa is led by a vision which every true African must fully embrace; Redefining  Africa.

We are not only  redefining Africa to the western world, for we owe an explanation to no one, we are redefining Africa to Africans,in order for us to perceive ourselves differently and embrace growth.

Our continent today is branded for poverty,underdevelopment,leadership crisis,poor economy and everything that makes a terrible nation.

The tragedy is that this backward mentality has been deeply registered in the hearts of many inhabitants of our great continent.

Over the years , the never ending stories of Africa carried by the media and the unfair comparison of Africa with western continents have greatly influenced the minds of our people against their own land.

Africa is viewed as a place where there is no hope for development or progress,little wonder most Africans travel to the western continent claiming to seek a better life.

If you ask the average African where they hope to be in the next ten years,you might not get a picture different from  the current situation.

Face Of Arise Africa  is not just some modelling competition but a deliberate sign for all Africans to see and understand that great things can happen in right here,it is the beauty of the African style,we are spreading the hope that Africa can change.

Today in particular is very significant to our coexistence. This is because we are celebrating excellence.our sons and daughters of great repute who have shown great impact in their space. 

Every African must delete the past images and paradigms about this glorious land and come on board with a growth mentality.

Africa is a great place to live

Africa is developing

Africa is not backward

Africa is independent

Africa has leadership capital

Africa is rising!

It\’s time to INSPIRE AFRICA

The greatness of Africa is not in the resources but in the people.

We must therefore concentrate on enshrining the right mindset within this people.

For years we have wasted development opportunities by being held back by limiting mindsets and traditions. It\’s time for Africa to RISE!!

By changing this limiting mindsets to growth mindsets we will set Africa on a path of great development and progress.

Join us as we continue to raise the beautiful continent of Africa, one information at a time

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