FAA Young Entrepreneur of The Year Unveiled: Jeph Akaehie



For more than a decade now, Jeph Akaehie has inspired and spoken to over 30,000 young leaders and start-ups through his transformational business and kingdom empowerment teachings.

Jeph is a microbiologist and a certified naturopathic doctor with over 15 years experience. He is a member of the prestigious Society of Toxicology (Virginia, USA).  

He is currently running an MBA at Business School Netherlands.

Akaehie loves travelling and he believes strongly in job creation and changing the narrative of Africa. He was part of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Mentors for 2015 & 2016.

He is the founding CEO of Greenpower Healthcare Limited and AFROGANIKS INDUSTRIES LTD Nigerian Healthcare companies now with presence across Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia and Togo with staff strength of close to 50 individuals and about 300 distributors and he is also the lead evangelist at FireNation Ministries (a Ministry with a burning burden to teach and win sincere souls to God and His son Jesus Christ).

Akaehie sits on several boards and also consults/advises several business leaders across Africa. In 2012, Jeph Akaehie was invited by LEADAFRICA an NGO in Ghana to deliver entrepreneurship training for about 10 Universities in Ghana. 

He has received several awards in recognition for his efforts like Business Integrity Awards by African Child Foundation, Excellent Leadership Award by Fight against Corruption Organisation (Lagos), Hult Prize Mentor, Imo State University Chapter and his company was awarded best nutraceutical company in West Africa at the Global Pharmas Awards in UK for year 2019. 

He is happily married to his lovely wife and they both have great children.


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