Moments from the Grade School Graduation Ceremony of Mountain Crest Schools.



Resilient Stars class of 2020 had their Graduation Ceremony. 

More Photos Here:


Mountain Crest Schools is place where we encourage Children to become co-operative and willing members of society, fostering positive social attitudes and being responsible members of the society and positive contributors to the world in which they live.


To provide Quality Education for every Child within a caring and stimulating environment where all members of the school community are valued and encouraged to reach their full potentials and experience success.

To produce Academically Sound Children that be hidden, but will tower as pillars of intellect and reason, relevant in every area of life that they choose to pursue

To produce Spiritually Sound Children who will stand as ensigns in this society against the moral decadence that is sweeping among the nations.

Mountain Crest School is a safe, happy environment where children are inspired to be confident, independent learners who are determined to succeed and Lead in life 


As a nurturing Christian School, Mountain Crest school seeks to admit students of parents who will support the schools mission and educational philosophy. Mountain Crest School instructs pupils under the delegated authority of their parents bin harmony with the standard required by us and the Ministry of Education


Our curriculum is a blend of British, Montessori Method of Education and Nigerian curriculum

The curriculum is divided into them each planned on the basis of hierarchy, thus movie from simple topics to more complex ones. Each theme is covered over a term which consists of twelve weeks. The theme is broken down into various areas of Learning (AOL) viz

1. Language development

2. Cognitive Development

3. Readiness Skills

4. Creative Development

5. Mathematics Development

6. Personal, Physics and Moral Development

7. General Knowledge

At Mountain Crest School we aim to help the children develop skills, concepts, knowledge and attitudes through a broad and balanced curriculum which is relevant to their needs. Our  primary emphasis is on teaching the basic skills since everything bwhich follows depends upon the mastery of core subjects:




Information Communication Techlo8

Christian Religious Knowledge

Children also study the subjects below as part of National Curriculum

Arts and DesigN




Language (Igbo, French and Spanish)

Practical Life and sensorial education

Children are also taught personal, social, health and citizenship education. We aim to promote challenge through high expectations of learning and behavior. We also like to make learning fun for everyone


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