Celebrating The Great Amazon-Ada Eze Okonjo .



By Sir.Bathram Uwandu

It has become expedient and of necessity that we help our women folk BREAK THE GLASS CEILING by encouraging active participation of women both as members and office holders of this noble forum.

I am a strong believer that equality is the way forward in this digital dispensation.
Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has cemented the statement that \” _whatever a man can do,a woman can do equally if not better\”._
She was gracious, pragmatic throughout the selection and voting period and, refused to play dirty even when dared and finally emerged and made history as the First black  woman to hold the post of DG .- World Trade Organisation (WTO)

Additionally, let us inspire our daughters, sisters ,wives and mothers from grassroots to National by creating an enabling environment through quality education, financial independence, and a fair playing ground for them to participate in politics.
We should create political awareness not just asking for their votes when the time comes.

In conclusion,we should advocate that this blueprint would produce   more Okonjo -Iwealas, Dora Akunyilis, Oby  Ezekwedilis and others
Only one Okonjo- Iweala is not enough so l submit.

Sir.Bathram Uwandu
Imo State, Coordinator


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