Ibari Ogwa Group Unveils ‘Epic’ Ikkokirikwo Village



The owners of the famous bar and entertainment center, Ibari Ogwa Entertainment Village have unveiled a brand new spot at the heart of Owerri, Imo State.

The spot is known as ‘Kwokirikwo Village’  ad it comes with a unique epic touch where food and drinks are served in native utensils.

According to the management of the place, the most important thing is that they are focusing on edibles, trying to make them classical with an epic feel.

“We want you to feel you’re in an epic movie. We want you to have a very different experience where you get your food and palm wine in calabash”

“Another thing about Kwokirikwo Village is that we are reincarnating some Igbo traditional delicacies and this will make your plug for any traditional meal. All of them are affordable and you won’t believe it.”

With assorted kinds of meat, fish, food, and drinks, they said that one important thing is that they need to retain the respect people have for the Ibari Ogwa brand while also building a new one for Ikwokirikwo Village.

Located at Chukwuma Nwoha by MCC Road, the spot is at the heart of Owerri and the management is calling anyone seeking an epic and cozy evening getaway to come to experience their place.

“the place spacious for meetings, birthday celebrations, and any form of gathering. We have good security and once you are in, your only business will be to enjoy yourself”

“We have a fine stage for live music, projector for any video showcase. This makes us your enjoyment and entertainment plug”, they said.



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