Spotlight On Rossy Foundation


Arise Africa\’s searchlight beems on Rossy Foundation, the NGO Is Doing The Real Work. 

Rossy Foundation is a not for profit organization that is committed to touching lives across the world

Primary purpose of organisation :

Rossy Foundation is a non governmental charity Organisation based in Germany.

Our sole desire is to help alleviate the sufferings of less privileged persons in local 

communities. We are very much poised to alleviate poverty by partnering with 

various local and international bodies towards this great objective. 


To help the less privileged children from very poor homes acquire quality education 

by awarding several scholarships, helping to build new schools and also renovating 

older ones where required.


By assisting poor people to have access to good health care. Health insurance policy 

is relatively very low in most developing countries and as a result, alot of lives are 

usually lost on daily basis over minor health issues which could have been easily 

treated and avoided, and as a result, alot of poor people die in large numbers, either 

because they can not afford to pay for their hospital treatments or because there are 

no adequate health care facilities to take care of them. 


Our aim is to be empowering several thousands of people yearly through financial 

empowerments, Skills acquisition programmes, workshops and seminars. 

Since it\’s inception, Rossy Foundation has touched so many lives globally through various projects and programmes, which are effectively executed through appointed 

country directors for the purposes of grass-root implementation. 

President / Founder : Mr Chidi Nze is a Nigerian born, resident in Germany where he 

founded Rossy Foundation and extended it across boarders.

An author and motivational speaker, Mr Nze is poised to touch millions of lives globally through this NGO

Rossy Foundation\’s

Areas of Focus : Health, Education and Empowerment.

Headquarters : Germany 

Website : 

Facebook: Rossy Foundation Germany


Tel: +4915217834985, +491789838602. 

Countries where Rossy foundation is presently located : 

West Africa : Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Senegal

East Africa : Kenya, Sudan, Burundi. Malawi.

Central Africa : Congo 

Asia : Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh.

Photos of Some of Rossy Foundation Activities so far:

1. Supply and distribution of food  materials and Tent to *RAUTE COMMUNITY*, in Nepal, South East Asia. 

2.Rossy Foundation *Mali* on healthcare Mission. Accessing health care facilities in rural hospital in Sirakale Mali West Africa. and subsequent donations and payment of hospital Bills of patients 

3.Rossy Foundation Ghana providing needed help to the  handicapped in Accra *Ghana*

4.Rossy Foundation Nigeria, engaging in Health and Education projects in Imo state Nigeria, as part of our global mission.

5.Co-sponsoring of Rotary youth leadership summit, held in Abuja Nigeria which had several youths across West Africa in attendance. In partnership with Rotary club.

6.Rossy foundation Malawi Creating awareness in solidarity with the plights of child molestation, rape and child labour in Malawi

7.Rossy Foundation Team Kenya, during their first general meeting. Inaugurated towards end of 2020. Team Kenya is now set to unfold their activities in Kenya East Africa

8.As part of our empowerment programmes, Rossy Foundation organises  sensitisation programmes for foreigners in Germany towards the creation of awareness of their individual rights in Germany and Europe. In collaboration with the foreign office in the Koblenz city of Germany.


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