Dr.Bathram Uwandu condemns the attack on Imo State Governor\’s House


Imo State is one Santos

Great Political thinkers of Imo State and Noble members of this great forum.
As the political  atmosphere in our dear State changes and alienation moves bar let\’s keep in mind that we are bond together as brothers and sisters by our love and resolve that our State must move forward and backward never again.

May we remain steadfast in our resolve for a better Imo for us and the generation to come. 

Imo State is one Santos.

Imo State, we have a sitting Governor ably led by Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma. Let us rally around him for the interest of our State. Let us also respect the office of the Governor.

The office goes beyond Uzodimma.We need to get our act together.

Let\’s play by the rules. \” Lex vobiscum\”.

Now that all the elections are over and we are into good governance.Our leaders have a role to play for us to come together.This is because every government is run by leaders except otherwise. Our leaders should lead us in Godly manner. We must encourage our Governor (HE.Hope Uzodimma)for making efforts since he came into office. And for him to sustain the tempo, the welfare of Imolites should be taken as supreme priority.

I believe part of our problem in this State is \”aguru di na obodo\”. With this in mind, our leaders should be willing to lead and above all extend hands of friendship to others.The reason in part because our electorates felt that they accepted their candidacy during the time of campaigning as contrast to absentee representation in the past.Like an utopian fiction we tried to imagine better ways of living and effective leadership for the benefit of Imolites and humanity as a whole.

Imo State is one family.I solicit we should try to be at peace with one another and speak as a \”people\”.  Even in the city of Corinthians Paul laid the foundation, Apollos watered it then God gave the increase.Ndi Imo State jiri nu otu obi.

We should avoid campaigns of calumny because some politicians always want to score cheap political points, like playing politics with every matter.
As we speak, there is need for us to set our strategies well. If we fail to do so, we cannot achieve the deliverables.  In addition,we should all support the Government & our Governor.

Finally,let’s stop the level of sensationalism within our State which has assumed an alarming dimension.
Let\’s stop the name calling, trading insults and rugby tackling ourselves & leaders.

Have a blessed weekend

Dr.Bathram Uwandu.


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