Few days ago, precisely on the 25th of September 2023, the Imo State House Of Assembly Election Petitions Tribunal (IMHAEPT) sitting in Nasarawa state
declared the Candidate of the Labour Party, Princess Nkechi Anyanwu Mbachu (MMIRI OMA OBOWO), winner of the Saturday March 18, 2023 State Assembly Election, against Rt Honourable Barrister Kennedy Chidozie Ibeh (NKE NKE ENYI OBOWO) of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

While some people rejoiced and are still jubilating, some others were in mourning mood. For me, as a critical sociopolitical thinker, I was busy thinking about the effect of the tribunal’s ruling on the socioeconomic and political development of Obowo in particular, and Imo State in general, if the ruling is allowed to stand, with Rt Honourable Barrister Kennedy Chidozie Ibeh not going on Appeal to reverse it.

Already, some shallow thinkers are reportedly advising the former speaker, through various Social Media platforms and Newspaper publications, not to Appeal the tribunal ruling. These set of people are alleging that Kennedy Chidozie Ibeh is no longer wanted by the system (whatever that means). Rt Hon Kennedy Ibeh is of the ruling Party, APC, while our sister, Princess Nkechi Anyanwu Mbachu is of the Labour Party. So what are these set of people implying? Appeal Court is the last bus stop for the Imo State House Of Assembly Election Petitions. If Kennedy Ibeh had been declared the winner by the tribunal, as was earlier done by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Princess Nkechi Anyanwu Mbachu would go on Appeal. So why are some people trying to suffocate Rt Honourable Kennedy Ibeh out of the election petition process? After all, he was originally declared the winner of the election in March 2023, before our dear sister decided to approach the tribunal.

Having come this far, let me open the minds of the reading public as to why I have been critically thinking and analysing the situation, as it will affect Obowo State Constituency and Imo State, if the ruling is not challenged in the Appeal Court.

Humans have always appreciated the benefits of wine aging since the days of old. Also, the Holy Book, the Bible, mentioned the superiority of aged wine in Luke Chapter 5 verse 39, which says, ” *And no one after drinking Old wine desire New wine, for he says, “Old is good “*

Wine tastes better with age because of a complex chemical reaction occurring among sugar, acids and substances called *Phenolic Components* . In time, this chemical reaction affects the taste of wine in such a way that gives it a pleasing flavour. Again, the chemical reaction can also change the colour and aroma of the spirit, in addition to altering the way the wine feels in the mouth.

Conversely, the Beauty of returning or allowing Old and Experienced lawmakers cannot be over-emphasized. Without mincing words, the legislature occupies a more central and pivotal role in any democratic setting. The Legislative Arm Of Government is the Fulcrum through which Democracy revolves. Opening your mind further, I dare say the legislature is that *Dot in the circle* on which the same circle rotates or moves about. Without the dot, the circle is stagnant. Of course, a Government may exist without the legislative Arm, but without the legislature, democracy ceases to exist.

The point I am making is that the legislature is the place where the public sees democracy in action as follows :

* In form of debates.

* Consideration of Motions.

* Resolutions.

* Presentation of Bills

* And so on and so forth.

This therefore means that the legislator is the closest politician to the electorate, in his constituency. The Legislative Arm Of Government performs the following functions.

1. Lawmaking

2. Appropriation and Control over the Budget.

3. Oversight and Control over the Executive.

4. Amendment of the Constitution.

5. Judicial.

6. Electoral.

7. And so on and so forth.

Again, having come this far, Let me declare that a new wine legislator lack both experience and exposure to fit into the “Parliamentary Mix”, especially, when he didn’t join his colleagues from the onset to undergo legislative training, otherwise called “retreat”, and more so, when a template is already in place. The resultant effect will be the following :

* Legislative incompetence.

* Lackadaisical Attitude to legislative matters.

* Absenteeism

* And so on and so forth.

This therefore makes the stay of the new wine legislator in the House meaningless and fruitless. This is in clear contrast to an Old wine legislator, because he has both experience and exposure, and has developed knowledge base, which makes him to be competent enough to creditably and effectively discharge his role.

The experienced legislator knows the workings and operations of Government and other environmental factors. I say this because it is only the experienced lawmaker that understands the workings and operations of both the Executive Arm and the Legislative Arm, to help identify projects and development programs that will benefit the State.

Just as our Bible, in Luke Chapter 5 verse 39, declared support for Old wine legislators, Great leaders, in history, have continued to support the Philosophy Of having Old wine legislators, with its accrued benefits. In 2018, while explaining why he eventually joined the Governorship race, our vibrant, ebullient and performing Governor, His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma said and I quote, “I wanted to go to Senate for a third term because I understand that the Legislative Arm thrives better with experienced Legislators, and that the legislature is like wine, the older the better“. The point I am making is that for lawmaking to be effective, the Lawmaker must come with experience. This can only be possible if the lawmaker is an old wine, because he already has a developed knowledge base which makes him to be competent enough to creditably and effectively discharge his role. Therefore, it will be the loss of Obowo State Constituency and Imo State if the tribunal ruling is not Appealed. If it is Appealed and reversed, It would rather be a legislative trophy for the 3-R Administration, as according to His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodimma, “I understand that the Legislative Arm thrives better with experienced Legislators , and that the legislature is like wine, the older the better“. I am therefore calling on all people of goodwill in Imo State to join me to advise and encourage Rt Honourable Barrister Kennedy Chidozie Ibeh, Nke Nke Enyi N’Achikota Igwe Enyi , to without further delay Appeal this tribunal ruling, and since Our Lord Jesus Christ is in his boat, this storm will be stilled, to the Glory of Almighty God, Amen .

I Rest My Pen.

Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

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