We might have come across a lot of publications with different objectives; however here is one publication with a distinction in all areas. It is with excitement that I introduce you to  Arise Afrika  an international online magazine that seeks to increase awareness of bordering issues within our country Nigeria, and around the world.  We would like to serve you with accurate information on events around the globe. 

Our publication seeks to convey valuable and timely information on the life and culture of the Nigerian people, these will be educating. The contents I know certainly will interest you as it ranges from  Interviews from Oprah David a woman with a craze for singing and reaching out to the world with her God-given talent which was one of our first publications here online.  If you ask me you are up for best time of information acquisition.
Arise Afrika Magazine which would be unveiled this month  center of attention will be on Politics, economy, Health and real life issues, Pictures from Iconic 40th Anniversary of Imo state – co organized by GCFN Consult and Nigerian Eye Newspaper,  my article on Nigerian Youths Leadership and the way forward. We are  here to showcase your business online .
To everyone that assisted us from the very beginning making direct and noticeable contributions, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Victor Nwaorgu – Editor/Director of Media


Arise Afrika International are partners of Bureau of Student Affairs in organizing the Imo Student Leadership summit. The group has urged the  Nigerian youths to rise up and brace up for leadership as a way forward. According to the Leader of the Group Mr Ikechukwu Anyanwu – co-host of Imo @ 40 Commemorative Lecture held on 18th June at Imo Concorde Hotel Owerri.

Arise Afrika  is a non government and non profit organization. It is also a movement geared towards re-engineering the mind set of Africans about sustaining themselves in their immediate communities. An off shoot of Global Circle of Friends Network (GCFN) a community based organization founded by Anyanwu Ikechukwu in 2001. We hope to help you to discover and develop your talents so as to make a positive impact in the society. We will help you get the education, time and financial freedom that you desire.
The online news platform of Arise Afika is used as to promote social democratic values of Justice, freedom and democracy. Create a reawakening of our strong and sustainable ethical and cultural values.
The future lies with the youths and they need to be steered away from negative influences. Our nation needs to arise from the deep slumber that we have fallen into  and our youths must take our own destinies in our own hands . Nigerians must cooperate with each other to build a better functioning communities through small scale industrial vocations . We must become advocates for better governance and implementation of policies that affect the society.
Arise Afrika seeks to develop and encourage youths to embrace their full potentials in all spheres of human endeavour and not to feel alienated by the present severe socio-economic conditions. The youths must be challenged to recover lost values through the same cooperative dedication and strength that must pull them out of the fangs of poverty.

He commented:  \” It\’s not a skyrocket science, neither is it difficult for us to identify our problem as a nation. They say when you discover your problem, it\’s the  first  step to finding a lasting solution to the problem.  the bane of our society has been lack of good leadership. The time to act is not 2019 but now. It\’s about  time for us  youths to rise up to the challenges facing us. Alone is a voice but together is a force. The youths are a force to be reckoned with and would midwife the desired change in this country. \”
In their press release 7 days to the kick off of 2 days LEADERSHIP SUMMIT. They advised the youths. Read the statement of the group below the pix cut

Mr Ikechukwu Anyanwu -Publisher Arise Afrika

NIGERIAN YOUTHS LEADERSHIP AND THE WAY FORWARDA youth is an individual filled with vigor, activeness, strength and capability. One who has his future ahead with much value to offer to the world and ready for service. The continuity of the nation depends solely on the youths. 
Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence the behavior of others and resources in a positive direction. Leading and service are both qualities of a good leader. A leader must have undergone training, passed through school, through a period of service, learnt and become grounded on the ethics of leadership. A leader is a problem solver. In today’s world where the government can no longer foot the bill of every citizen, this is not the time to complain about the government.
What are you doing as a youth? A song writer said “brighten the corner where you are” this calls for all hands to be on deck, you are a leader in your own area.  We are engulfed roundabout with difficulties; over 60 percent of our populations live below poverty line. This situation has left our youths with nothing other than poverty and despires.
Many have given up because they find nothing useful to do and have become apostles of destruction.   If at all we are going to handle this continually changing world, we have to adapt our selves by being resourceful and creative. While a wave is still forming a long way off in a distance, surfers know that it is a time to move a paddle out and get in position. We cannot bring change as youths without a burning desire for it.
 It is this desire that creates ambition, which is the inner propelling force that drives an individual to pursue positive change; this will make us undaunted and unquenchable. Let every youth therefore be re-engineered to pursue education as to acquire the requisite skills to help us communicate our thoughts and ideas to help solve challenging situations in our environment, society and the nation at large which is one of the aims of acquiring knowledge at any level.
He who is not informed is deformed; a deformed person morally or intellectually cannot lead well.  Education enables us to identify a societal problem and proffer solutions to it. We were trained in school not to graduate and join the teaming population of undergraduates. Why are you sent to school? You are sent to school not just to acquire education but to be trained to affect humanity positively, education refines our God given talents. It brings out the real you making you more fortified to take charge.  
There is need to harness entrepreneurial skills which will lead to self reliance. Show me a youth with ideas, for that is a born leader.  In other to execute your ideas you actually need the drive, and determination to take risk.  You may start small but dream big.  You cannot be seeking for job when you can be your own boss.  Become an employer and boost the nation’s economy. For economic development, ideas should be refined and harnessed into commercial value. Anywhere there is inefficiency is an opportunity for innovation.  Look around you, what can you do to make the society better? 
Ensure you are at Imo Students Leadership Summit to know how to move forward . You will be equipped and empowered for the future.
The FUTURE dawns for us. Become all you can be, come chat up your future at this summit come 20th & 21st September 2016 at IICC Owerri.
You have what it takes.
Are you a leader or aspiring leader? Then you can’t afford to miss this.
Bureau of Students Affairs, Imo State Government House in partnership with GCFN Consult, Arise Afrika and Zanders Fm 
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PROFILE OF IKECHUKWU ANYANWU Ikechukwu Anyanwu is an Imo State born Nigerian. An Author, Public Speaker, Humanitarian, Blogger, Media Guru and Start-up Coach. He has inspired millions through Arise Africa Network Platform He Is Into Education, Media, Entertainment, Showbiz and Hospitality Industry. Having calved a nitche for himself as a leadership expert, human capital development and management consultant. He is currently the Chairman, Online Media practitioners Association of Nigeria, Imo State Chapter. Ceo Arise Africa Magazine, Founder Arise Africa Network – a non-profit organization. Face of Arise Africa, Managing Consultant GCFN Consult. Member, Imo State Bloggers Association. Ag National President, Association of Pageant CEO’s of Nigeria Human Resource Specialist and Leadership Coach with astute impact on many seeking to maximize their skills, intellectuals and innate potentials He has a track record of reproducing leaders and helping them to gain dominance within their nitch. Mr Anyanwu after a rich career that spanned for 18 years having worked as Human Resources Manger, Outlet Manager Rennys Foods Limited from 2004 – 2019, Management Consultant for various Quick Service Restaurants in Abuja, Enugu, Rivers State, Abia, Ebonyi, Kogi and Imo State is now focusing on helping young people to discover, develop their talents. He has built lots of platforms for young people of Africa to express their talents. He is passionate about writing, consulting, coaching and training. He blogs regularly via and has a thriving social media followership. He is a graduate of Sociology/Anthropology, Imo State University whose passion is to impart knowledge by educating, equipping and empowering young minds for the future. He is an alumni of Living Word Training Center He is also the West African Representative of All African Media Networks He is married to Mrs Carol Anyanwu and blessed with 3 sons.


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