L-R Mr. Ik Anyanwu of Arise Afrika, Hon High Chief Engr Chidi Ibeh, Cookie I of Nigerian Eye & Miss Ryna of NTA

We are here to appreciate you for the wonderful impact at Imo @ 40 Commemorative Lecture and for being a part of our huge success. And equally to inform you that ARISE AFRIKA – A YOUTH BASED ORGANIZATION THAT HAS BEEN MAKING IMPACT IN THE LIVES OF THE YOUTHS . COMING UP WITH A NEW MAGAZINE ARISE NAIJA. Official Unveiling is on 26th November at Rockview Hotels, Owerri.
1. Please tell us briefly about yourself sir
I am Hon High Chief Engr Chidi Ibeh MFR
The former Commissioner for  Information, youths & sports  and presently the Hon Comm. for Commerce & Industry, Imo State Govt

2. Can we know sir, how did you assume office?
Well I came here just from ministry of Information.                                                      On assumption, I saw different human beings from the kind of people I meet from my former ministry. People who were willing to learn and understand the ethics of the job.  And I tell you, I resumed here with an intention to succeed. So far so good, we have done so much to help to promote the policies and programme of the govt. Government of the people for the people and by the people. And that has actually been an encouraging factor and as a guide.  And there is a positive act of understanding of the job and the people you are working with.
I can tell you the people working with me are dedicated and committed to the cause of this job.  We are doing our best to work with the Govt of Imo State in the bide to transform and reform the dilapidated building we meet when we came on board in the year 2011.  I tell you so far, so good we have done so much but I will not rate myself, It’s left for the public to do so.  
3. In the pull chat that was conducted prior to the Imo @ 40 events, we had people who have given His Excellency Rochas Okorocha and Rescue Government mission   a very high pass mark. What is it like working with this man HERO?
Working with His Excellency has been quite a wonderful experience. You must be ready to have yourself revitalized, transformed and reformed working with HE.
Also you must brace up for challenges. He is somebody if you are not ready to give result, you better count yourself out from the system. How often and how prompt you are in making results is also of utmost important. His Excellency is someone whom if you are not ready to get results, you would not be able to cope.
 If you are somebody that is naïve in getting results, I tell you that you will not be able to cope with the speed of this great man, each time you spend with this wonderful man, you will learn new things. You must continue learning, you must be ready and open yourselves. Irrespective of the environment, you found yourself, you must always learn from His Excellency. Be able to meet up with his standards. You must continue learning as far as His Excellency is concerned. He is so much endowed with knowledge, experience and activities and you would be able to learn a lot from him.  You will agree with me, there is no sector that His Excellency has not been able to transform. You will feel the presence of this Govt so established everywhere and lives of the people are touched positively. 
Q 3: Some people have doubted the ability of Imo State Government to finish up the projects that has already began. What is your stake on this?
If you are in the system you will understand the realm, the work ability and how things work. And what the Government has been able to put in place.
For us we have a “bar chart” what the program is all about and what has been put in place and what is needed and the periods within which these things would be done.
By May 2018, you will not see any project that would not be completed.  Like the Hospitals now, there is a call off system that the Governor has introduced. By January to May next year you will not see any General Hospital that is still ongoing. We will have all of them completed.
 When you look at our Roads, we are on expansions of roads so as to contain 4- 6 dual carriage ways because of inflows of traffic of people coming into the state. All these would be completed soonest. What we are waiting for is for the rains to subside. The moment rains sets in, you will see contractors go back to complete the roads. There is no project that we would not be able to complete. We are definitely moving with an accelerated speed in order to achieve this through the visionary leadership of His Excellency Anayo Rochas Okorocha.
Q 4: How does the govt intend to go about using Agriculture to revamp the economy?
Well, we are seriously into multi diversification of the economy. Which we are presently doing and Agriculture is the key. Presently, If you look you will observe that we are hosting all the  774 Local Government of the Federation LOGA IMO Trade Fair 2016 . Because of our consciousness, out of our zeal to succeed and make progress in Agriculture, that informed the entire country to choose Imo State to host the trade fair.
His Excellency has approved 20 Million to establish Agricultural Farms in every Local Govt Area in Imo State. That can tell you how serious the Govt is in diversification of economy and the great attention the Imo State Government is paying to diversifying the economy with special emphasis to Agriculture.
Before the recession,  His Excellency started the “ikula nkwu” One thing about our amiable Governor is that he has a great fore sight . Today we are talking about the need for agriculture but as a visionary leader that he is, he has seen our over reliance on oil will be the bane of this country and has pointed Agriculture as a way forward.
He has created enabling environment for business to also flourish, he has boosted tourism, infrastructural development, educating and transforming the thinking of our people.
5. Without being maudlin, how do you want to be remembered?
At the end of the sojourn, I will like to leave results.  That is only how one can be remembered. Changing the negatives to positives.  I would like to leave lasting legacies that would stand the test of time. Making a hallmark.  Establishing a system different from what you met and create some indelible marks within the systems that would touch and create impact on great number of people. Many people are looking up to the Ministry. And you can agree with me that this Government has done a great deal in Market development, Industrialization, and in terms of encouraging our people to go into Agro based /cottage industry. We have done such much in terms of the above AND looking back we will b remembered for the above.
On assumption of this second term HE declared this period /year for the youths. And we have done so much in recognizing the youths especially in Imo State. There is no political ward in all the LGA that we would not have 5 millionaires emerging in the next one month. This we have been able to identify and we are giving this youths 1 million naira each to help establish them. The Governor is encouraging the youths to go into Agro based cottage industries and establish what will make our youths to be self employed and stop looking for white collar jobs. This Government has done so much to encourage the youths, to impact on them positively, give the youths a sense of belonging and responsibility. You can see youths now synergizing, talking to each other, interfacing within themselves in one issue or the other. Without any segregations. They have seen themselves as youths of equality. That is what we have done so far in integrating the youths.
And let me commend you for Imo AT 40 Lecture for that singular act you did to promote the state Government without any collaborative assistance/support, yet  you and your team were able to come out wonderful well to promote the state Government at that level.
Let me congratulate you for your initiatives and impacts you are making among the youths and steering them away from negative influences.
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