In life, some leaders are simply born great; some have greatness bestowed on them by providence; while some achieve greatness by hard work. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Iwuanyanwu is indeed a rare combination of these three phenomenal traits.
Born on Friday 4 th September, 1942 to the humble Christian family of Late Pa Bernard and Late Madam Hulder Iwuanyanwu of Unuohii Atta in Ikeduru Local Government Area, Chief (Dr.) Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu has today risen to the pinnacle of greatness and stardom. Propelled by the virtues of hard work, honesty and unalloyed faith in God, he has attained an enviable height as a successful role model, a political colossus, an industrial giant, a dedicated soldier of Christ, a professional icon of superlative class, a pace setter, an unprecedented philanthropist, a champion of youth empowerment, a detribalized Nigerian patriot, an epitome of integrity.

He has the following academic qualification: Hon Civil Engineering University of Nigeria Nsukka. Engineering Morgan State University Baltimore, Maryland USA
L.ld (Hon) Shaw University Raleigh , North Carolina USA
DBA Hon University of Nigeria Nsukka Hon University of Jos Hon University of Calabar
D Tech Federal University of Technology Owerri
DBA (Hon) Edo State University (Hon ) Engineering , Imo State University
Chief (Dr.) Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu is a registered Engineer by the Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria. He is a Fellow of Nigerian Society of Engineers, Fellow Institute of Civil Engineers, Fellow Institute of Science & Technology, Fellow Solar Energy Society of Nigeria and Many others.
Chief (Dr.) Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu is a meticulous and articulate investor, whose business empire runs through all spheres of economic endeavour.
So far, this business mogul has established twenty-two business outfits within an outside Nigeria.
In Politics, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu has blazed the entire landscape like a legend. For some year, he flew the flag of Ndigbo as a frontline presidential aspirant. In the People’s Democratic Party today he is a member of the National Board of Trustees and also a member of the National Caucus of the party representing the entire South East Zone. HE served as Chairman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo State Creation Committee, Chairman Ohaneze Ndigbo Planning and Strategy Committee, Board Chairman Federal Road Maintenance Agency, Board Chairman Nigerian Investment Promotion, Founding Chairman Raw Materials Research and Development
Council of Nigeria, Chairman National Productivity Merit Award Committee and presently Pro-Chancellor University of Calabar, just to mention a few.
In his philanthropic activities, he made contributions in the following area;
He built the Children Center in his Alma-Mater in University of Nigeria Nsukka which he dedicated to his dear mother Late Madam Hulder Iwuanyanwu.
He built and equipped Blood Transfusion Center at Federal Medical Center Owerri which was taken over by the Federal Government. Today, this center is the Center of Excellence of Blood Transfusion for the whole of South Eastern Nigeria.
Under the governorship of Gen Ike Nwachukwu Chief Emmanuel chaired a Committee on Works and Infrastructure which recommended the building of Imo airport. He argued that Imo state at a time which comprised the present Imo, Abia and Ebonyi States was landlocked. And besides, the State was a home of many prominent entrepreneurs who regularly flew to other parts of the world for their business. This project was commenced with contributions from the then Imo Communities. At a stage when the project was suspended for lack of fund, leaders from Owerri Zone, the Zone in which the Airport was located held a meeting with the Military Governor at the time who explained that N2 million was required from the Government in order to continue the Airport project. Owerri Zone subsequently promised to pay the N2 million. The cheque for this project was handed over to Late Hezekiah Ofurum who was then a Commissioner under Governor Madueke. Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu paid this N2 million on behalf of Owerri people. It is important to note that at that time, N2 million was more than $2million (Two Million Dollars). Chief Emmanuel Iwuanaynwu did not request for any refund from Owerri Zone or the Government.
When the Airport was completed, the Airport was not commissioned to any use as the Federal Government at a time argues that it was very close to Port Harcourt Airport. Chief Iwuanyanwu established Oriental Airlines and brought in Six Air-Crafts that operated between Owerri, Abuja, Kano and Maduigiri. Other Airlines found this route profitable and followed Oriental Airlines. Today Imo Airport is a beehive of Commercial Activities.
Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu established Champion Newspapers to create a balance in the dissemination of information which was dominated by Press outside Igboland. Champion Newspapers indeed gave Igbos a sense of belonging.
Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu established Iwuanyanwu National Football Club which was an offshoot of Spartans Football club which was virgin for disbandment. Iwuanyanwu National Football for many years dominated the lead, winning the league and FA Champion and Charity Cup a number of times. It is historic to note that Iwuanyanwu  Nationale Club was the first Club to win the profession league in Nigeria.
Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu made a lot of other contributions to the development of sports through Iwuanayanwu Sports and Athletic Foundation and Iwuanyanwu Comet
Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu established Iwuanyanwu Foundation which awarded University scholarship to many gifted students to study in tertiary institutions. All together he has trained over 3,000 Nigerian youths in his scholarship programme.
Chief Iwuanyanwu was the Chairman of Owerri Chambers of Commerce. HE was a strong advocate of homeward integration by businessmen from Igboland. By this policy, he insisted that Igbo entrepreneurs should invest part of their businesses in Igboland to create goods, services and employment for the youths of Igboland. He set example of this by establishing most of his businesses in Owerri and even in his village Atta, Ikeduru.
. Chief Iwuanyanwu made substantial contributions to the development of many communities in Imo State for the provision of light, water and roads.
. Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu appreciated that most people in Igboland are Christians of various denominations; he therefore supported many Christian projects in Igboland.
. Around 1987, when the military indicted their intention to hand over power, leaders of Imo State comprising Imo, Abia and part of Ebonyi met at the palace of Onuegwunwoke in Owerri in order to select a Spokesman for the Igbos. At that time, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu was still a young man and the leadership was expected to fall in the hands of older leaders such as Dr Jaja Wachukwu, Chief R.B.K Okafor and Dr. J.O.J Okezie. At a well attended meeting by all Traditional Rulers, Political leaders and Religious leaders in Igboland, these three older leaders failed to step down for the other to be the rallying point for the Igbos. After many hours of deliberation, the Traditional Rulers announced that they were going on a caucus to select somebody. We all agreed to accept whoever they selected. After their deliberation which lasted for One hour, they came back from their meeting and announcement was made by HRM Eze Benard Enweremandu in behalf of the Traditional Rulers that they have selected a younger person Chief Emmanuel Iwuanywu to carry this assignment. The three leading politicians Chied R.B. K Okafor, Dr. Jaja Wachukwu and D. J.O.J Okezie one after the other declared their support for Chief Iwuanyanwu. Chief Iwuanyanwu was therefore unanimously appointed the Spokesman for Igbo people on all political issues.
Subsequently, all the meetings about the creation of Ebonyi State were held in Chief Iwuanyanwu’s residence. Later when Ebonyi was being created, the dispute between Afikpo and Abakiliki areas was also resolved in Chief Iwuanyanwu’s house
Chief Iwuanyanwu therefore has played major role in shaping the life and destiny of Igbo people.
In recognition of his selfless services to humanity, Chief (Dr.) Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Iwuanyanwu is a recipient of an avalanche of International and National awards and titles including Ahaejiagamba Ndibo conferred on him by Chairman of Traditional Rulers Representing the seven Igbo Stated of Nigeria.
In all his houses, he established of Chapel of Holy Bethel where constant praises and prayers are offered to the Almighty God. All through his life, he had remained a dedicated soldier of the Christ, using his time, money, intellect and other resources in the effective propagation of the Gospel. He is the member of the Order of Knights of St Christopher in the Anglican Communion.
His philosophy of life is appropriately encapsulated in his speech on Monday 11th November, 1985 when he handed over a Blood Transfusion Center which he built, furnished and donated to the Imo State Government and I quote:
“I believe in the Supreme Being. He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent. He is all loving and all wise. He is the Almighty God.
I believe that the highest fulfillment, the greatest happiness and the wildest usefulness if the individual can only be realized in harmony with the divine will of the Almighty God.
I believe in the supreme worth of the individual, in his right to life and liberty and pursuit of happiness.
I believe in the sacredness of human life and human right.
I believe that every right implies a responsibility, every opportunity an obligation and every possession a duty.
I believe in dignity of labour whether with the head or with the hand.
I believe that the goof God in his infinite mercy has bestowed mankind with sundry gifts and whatever gift bestowed on any man is given to him by the good Lord in sacred trust and man should use such gifts to promote love, happiness and peace among the people of all races and creed.
I believe that the world owes no man a living but owes every man an opportunity to make a living.
I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world and it can over-come hate, greed and rancor.
I believe that the rendering of useful service is the common duty of mankind and the greatest happiness and peace of the human soul can be attained in rendering such services.
I believe that truth,  justice and equity are fundamental pre-requisites to an enduring social order that right can and will always triumph over might.
I believe in the sacredness of promise, that man’s word should be as good os a bond, that character not wealth or power or possession is of supreme worth.
I believe that prudence is essential to well ordered living and that economy is a pre-requisite of a sound financial structure whether in government, business or personal affairs.
And finally, I believe that law is made for man and not man for law and that government is the servant of the people and not the master and no individual can be greater than the society in which he lives.”
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, Chief (Dr.) Engr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Iwuanyanwu CRR, OFR, MFR,FNSE, FNICE,KSC AHAEJIAGAMBA NDIGBO, a distinguished , illustrious and celebrated Nigerian. A living legend of our time. His heritage if humility. His profession is pragmatism. His legacy is diligence and prudence. His promise is versatility spiced with magnanimity.

PROFILE OF IKECHUKWU ANYANWU Ikechukwu Anyanwu is an Imo State born Nigerian. An Author, Public Speaker, Humanitarian, Blogger, Media Guru and Start-up Coach. He has inspired millions through Arise Africa Network Platform He Is Into Education, Media, Entertainment, Showbiz and Hospitality Industry. Having calved a nitche for himself as a leadership expert, human capital development and management consultant. He is currently the Chairman, Online Media practitioners Association of Nigeria, Imo State Chapter. Ceo Arise Africa Magazine, Founder Arise Africa Network – a non-profit organization. Face of Arise Africa, Managing Consultant GCFN Consult. Member, Imo State Bloggers Association. Ag National President, Association of Pageant CEO’s of Nigeria Human Resource Specialist and Leadership Coach with astute impact on many seeking to maximize their skills, intellectuals and innate potentials He has a track record of reproducing leaders and helping them to gain dominance within their nitch. Mr Anyanwu after a rich career that spanned for 18 years having worked as Human Resources Manger, Outlet Manager Rennys Foods Limited from 2004 – 2019, Management Consultant for various Quick Service Restaurants in Abuja, Enugu, Rivers State, Abia, Ebonyi, Kogi and Imo State is now focusing on helping young people to discover, develop their talents. He has built lots of platforms for young people of Africa to express their talents. He is passionate about writing, consulting, coaching and training. He blogs regularly via and has a thriving social media followership. He is a graduate of Sociology/Anthropology, Imo State University whose passion is to impart knowledge by educating, equipping and empowering young minds for the future. He is an alumni of Living Word Training Center He is also the West African Representative of All African Media Networks He is married to Mrs Carol Anyanwu and blessed with 3 sons.


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