Arise Afrika: Introducing White Label Schools……. THE FUTURE BEGINS HERE


White Label School is one of the best schools in Nigeria established on
23rd September 2014  by Hon Barr & Mrs Kennedy Ibeh. The school is designed to ensure the total development of the child.

Located at Federal Housing Estate, No 47 Mcc Uratta Road by Igwe Allen Avenue Owerri.

White Label Schools provides state-of the-art facilities, condusive learning atmosphere, quality staff, academic excellence, highly hygienic, elegeany and serene environment, a well equipped computer laboratory, spacious and well furnished classrooms, well equipped and comprehensive library with modern learning materials, modern play and recreational facilities and equipments, functional and standard healthcare unit.

The school is noted for winning trophies and prizes in national and international competitions.


The vision of White Label School is to be an exemplary 21st century learning community whose graduates are prepared to excel in a complex, inter-connected and changing the world.

The mission of The White Label schools is to provide a quality education that encourages every student to realize his/her fullest potential. .

The White Label schools  empowers every student to become a life-long learner who is a responsible, productive and engaged citizen within the global community.

The school strives to create the best environment for learning, pursuing to meet global peak standards and maintaining the reach.

Truly the future begins at White  Label School for your child.

Don\’t miss the opportunity of registering your child at this great citadel of learning for a brighter tomorrow.


The White Label Creche

The Creche (Opal babies) is designed for children from 3 months to 1 2 months. Here we have the activity area and the sleeping room, which are spacious, colourful and very comfortable because of the homely feel.

Our babies are taken care of as well as they are taken care of at home with the help of experienced nannies and minders.

Pre-School (Pearls and Crystals)

In pre-school 1 (Pearls) and Pre-school 2 (Crystals), we start preparing them to fit into the world in other words they start learning to explore and discover things for themselves.

Our pre-school activities are sure to bring smiles to your child’s face and provide him/her with the opportunity to learn at the same time.

Our wide variety of pre-school activities include language and literacy, mathematical activities, music, art activities like drawing, painting, play dough activities, outdoor play and lots more.

Pre-schoolers are naturally wonderful at asking questions about the world around them so we also get them involved in science.

Key Stage (Grades):

This stage comprises of Grade 1 to 6 classes.

In this group, we have teacher with wealth of knowledge who teach diverse curriculum that covers a wide range of subjects which includes Mathematics




Physical and Health education

Social and civic studies

Information and Communication Technology


Art, Design and Technology

Language (French and Igbo):

We ensure that they progress into secondary education with all the best chances to succeed in life.

Diction Classes:

A beautiful speaking voice enhances your ability to communicate with and influence others. We take our diction classses seriously because good diction (proper pronunciation of the sounds of English) allows others to understand you clearly. Some of the benefits of diction classes to a child;

Improved pronunciation and enunciation

Greater confidence in your speaking voice

perfect the style and rhythm of your speech

Rubies (Playgroup):

Children in this class are beginning to learn how to be independent; they will enjoy safe but supervised play outside their classes. Their daily activities are planned to suite each other’s needs. Your child should be able to have a sleep when he/she needs. They are also taught to enrich their social interactions; keep them active and help them develop as they prepare for a more serious class.

Kindergarten (Sapphires):

At White Labels, we understand the importance of keeping our children’s unique developmental characteristics in mind.

In this stage, a hand on learning is the most effective way of teaching; we teach them to be confident on whatever they are doing.

The main curriculum learning areas for this group are simple science experiment, writing, reading, mathematics and literacy. They are also involved in mental learning and games (indoor and outdoor).

Abacus Brain Maths (ABM):

An unconventional type of numeric learning that expands and extends the mental alertness of our children. ABM also commands and compels a systematic accentuation of our childrens’ arithmetic alertness and response.

ABM is special lesson which empowers pupils with the skills of solving mathematics mentally. Scientists have proven that introduction of ABM to children from ages 5-10 helps strengthen their calculation faculties thereby re-positioning their brains for the challenges and excitement of mathematics.

Music Classes:

Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. We take music education seriously because of its numerous importance to the development and social awereness of the child.

It improves academic skills. …
It develops physical skills. …
It cultivates social skills. …
It refines discipline and patience. …
It boosts self-esteem. …
It introduces children to other cultures

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