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How many people here would like to make make a difference in our world today?

It is your choice to be great. Yes everyone here can decide to be great in life.
Even at 70 you can be great.
_Mgbe onye tetara wu otutu ya_
One can at that age still start a company afresh and it grows to something real big.
All that is involved would be to develop systems. The foundation for success lies with the people. When we get it right with the people, the system will work.
 Systems never work, except people work.
When you go to any city where the people invest in infrastruture and not the people, give it time everything  will collapse, it cannot work.

A man once said:
\”We are blind until we know that nothing is worth the making until it makes the man.
Why buildeth this city while men unbildeth go.\”

If you like have the best of beautiful roads and if the people are not buildeth, the city will collapse.

American Govt spends up to 180 billion US Dollars to develop it\’s leaders.

This same young man that came from Imo State, schooled in Okigwe road. When i finished my secondary school, met a man well dressed with a small white patch on his head. The man was Chief Chris Asolaka. I went to see him at Commissioners quaters, when I got there,  I discovered that he had a big library and I said \”sir, can i go and bring my bag..?\”As God would have it he accepted and  said i can come.
\”All I want sir, is give me opportunity to read in your library\”

A poor boy, my mother had 9 of us. I quickly moved into his house. One evening, as a young man i also met Barr Chudi Onuzo the then DG Imo Broadcasting Corperation.  I came in my usal manner, walked up to him \”Good evening sir , I have heared so much about you, I  have this passion to raise leaders\”

After sharing with him, he said why dont you do it this way and that way . That was how Gotni was established.

That was how we began this movement 24 years ago.
I started making a difference at age 19.

The people you associate with can determine how far you go in life.

Today I am one of the few young men from Africa who were invited by American Govt to understand how America works. I traveled to understudy great world leaders, leadership

Leaders go through processes.

Leaders who make the difference also raise other leaders. Any leader that does not go through a process would crash. If the process is faulty,  you would see faulty foundations everywhere. You can not give what you don\’t have as a leader.
That is the foundation.

My hunger as Linus Okorie is for us to build a new state.
I have for years modeled leadership. And its time to replicate that in our state.

Our leadership is about the people.

And when it comes to the people, there are four cardinal thrusts of our policy and governance.

These are borne out of keen dissection of the heart\’s cry of our people.

1. Massive human capital development and aggressive youth employment.

We\’ll set up a youth entrepreneurship fund and microfinance banks that can support entrepreneurial efforts of women in the rural areas.

2. Attraction of foreign and local resources, including international institutions, to the state where the best brains are proud to participate.

3. Unleashing of excellence in governance – transparency in issues of policy and strengthening governance instructions, especially the civil service.

We\’ll work hard to entrench the culture of completeness of execution, sound policy formation and implementation.

4. Massive infrastructural development. Facilities like portable water and power plants will ease economic activities that have bearing on the welfare of our people.

By these we will grow the people.  Focusing on  human capital development.

We want to build leaders that would ursher a new dawn.

We would grow a new Imo state,  people that have mindset of prosperity. People that can celebrate high standards and not mediocrity. Its an insult for someone to give you money to vote for him.

 We can not run a state where we keep making the same mistakes after every 4 years. A fresh opporrunity is given to us to make change and we must get it right this time. Any system that does not work,  people would make poor decision that are immaterial. I will give you an instance, that is, in this modern time somebody is talking that politics in Imo state and it is all about ZONNING. We are not really asking the right questions. Do we want our state to grow? If we do, then we have to rephrase our question. It should be: \”those occupying public offices, do they have certain skills, do they have competencies?\”

If there is a place where we should have the highest development, it should be the North, because of the number of years that the North have stayed in power.
But if you go to the place, you would see high level of poverty. It is the most backward way of thinking. It is a mediocre thinking. That is why Nigeria as a country is where it is today.

 We see people who are not prepared for leadership being thrown  to the people all in the name of zoning.

America is making great progress. In the United States of America, no matter where you are coming from, if you work hard and smart enough- you would grow to the highest height.

That is why Barrack Obama who is of African decent became the President.

Are we ready to experience an Imo filled with endless possibilities,  prosperity ?

What does it take to create a system that works?

Imo is the 5th largest state according our GPD, Over 450 million US dollars worth.

No state can be greater than the quality of its leader.

If you want to grow the city, the first center of interest is the people.

Go through the street and watch people passing. You would see lots of things. You would see people who have lost hope.

The leader first of all gives competence to the people and when he does that, the people would prosper.

No man can run a state by himself.

In the American constituion, you would come across \”we the people.\”
 It is all about developing people. When you train the people,  they would grow the state.

If you are a leader, you would inspire your people to succeed because you derive power from the people.

The people create a system that works.
It is all about the people.

It is your choice to decide to be great.  Systems never work until people work.


[The above  is excerpts of Training at Rockview Hotels  powerred by *Imo Nkeanyi Movement*]

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Dr Linus Okorie is a renowned leadership development coach and human capital development consultant. For over 20 years, Linus has been known as a relentless icon in the quest for good leadership in public and corporate governance in Nigeria. His vast experience in leadership coaching, mentoring and advocacy across the world for over two decades has distinguished him as a trusted name in leadership excellence.

He is the Founder and President, Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI), a leadership development non-profit organization, which has developed 15 leadership brands to train and nurture youths, elected officials and the general public on effective leadership skills and values. Consistently, Linus Okorie has carved a niche as an authority in leadership development with a career development path defined by the principles of selfless service, dignity and integrity.

Since inception, Linus Okorie has piloted GOTNI to become Nigeria’s foremost leadership capital development organization including the establishment of GOTNI Leadership Centre (GLC) in Maitama, Abuja. He is currently working towards building the much anticipated Global Leadership Center at the Oguta lake, Imo State where excellent leaders will be groomed for the growth and development of Nigeria and the African continent. He is pioneering the emergence of a new breed of well-equipped and competent leaders to filtrate the public and private sector hierarchies in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Linus Okorie is also the Managing Consultant of New Vision Consults, a world class leadership consulting firm he founded in 2007, advising and training top level civil servants, government officials, military and paramilitary as well as the private sector. He is the West African representative of Adair International, United Kingdom. He has inspired over 300,000 people across Nigeria and Africa who have directly gone through his leadership programmes, and millions through radio and television. As an influential speaker, Linus Okorie has graced many live conferences, radio and television platforms across Africa, Middle East, Europe and USA as guest speaker, trainer and advisor. He is a regular guest in many print and electronic media, radio and television platforms across Nigeria. He is a radio and television presenter and host of Leadership Clinic on AIT. He is the author of “Footprints: Leading Beyond Today” a book already in the world market, which was forwarded by Dr. Myles Munroe.

He attended Government Secondary School, Owerri, Imo State where he became the Senior Prefect of his school. He is a graduate of History and International Relations at Imo State University where he served as the first elected Students Union Government President and later did his National Youth Service with the National Assembly, Abuja after which he proceeded to carry out a research in his area of passion: “Leadership Development” at the Lagos Business School. Linus Okorie has a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University, Virginia Beach, USA. He is an alumnus of the International Visitors Program (IVLP) sponsored by the US government under the Department of State – a programme which has produced 300 presidents of various countries since its inception. Linus Okorie is also an alumnus of the Executive Leadership Education programme of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, Boston, USA with a certification in The Act and Practice of Leadership Development. In recognition of his exceptional contributions to leadership development, he has recently bagged 2 honorary doctoral degree awards and was inducted into the College of Fellows at the African Business School. He is board member of Imo State University alumni and many others.

Linus Okorie is a consummate leader of men, a man of honour, a nation builder, resource mobilizer and a leading scholar in the growth and development of nations. He has received several local and international awards in recognition of his dynamic efforts in business, leadership development, community service and good governance advocacy such as the Best of Africa Award by the USAfrica magazine, Houston, Texas, Frasernet International USA and many more.

Linus hails from UmuEzike-egbu, Egbuoma in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State. He is married to Nkiru with whom he has two daughters Ebubechukwu, Chimamaka and a son Chukwuebuka.

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