Dr Linus Okorie, The Imo Nkeanyi Movement Chief Convener, A frontline Imo Guber Aspirant stormed People\’s Assembly along with a world class Business Consultant Mr Ugochukwu Omeogu.

Arise Afrika brings to you excerpts of this Talkshow/Radio programme.

1. What is leadership capital?
Ugochukwu Omeogu:
I am so glad to be here in Imo State, I am so Overwhelmly happy for what we are about to do here in Imo State. It shows that the people are ready for the significant impact that we are going to make. I want you to take your pen and paper because right here we have one of the greatest mind on leadership, Dr Linus Okorie.

To answer your question: Leadership is about building people, Leadership is bringing out the best in people so that they can manifest the best possibilities in their lives.  Anything that dose not build the man, undermines the fundamentals of leadership. you cannot have good leadership except with one who has an impeccable record of building and supporting people. The greatest asset of any community is the people. The most valuable asset/capital of any community in the world is people And what leadership does is to focus all resources on helping the individual in that community to be the best they can in terms of business, investing, in terms of turning all the local resources they have to prosper the indigenes  and citizens of the people. Fundamentally, leadership is ABOUT BUILDING PEOPLE so they can live their life to its fullest

2. What does it take to build people?
Dr Linus Okorie:
A great man said, we are blind until we know, nothing is worth making until it makes the man. Why buildeth the city glorious why man unbuildeth go?
Dr Myles Munroe defined leadership as the ability to inspire people, motivate people towards a  particular  goal or direction by inspiration not with intimidation nor manipulation. It doesnt matter what anyone is doing, whether it is running a family, business, organization or running a personal life. The foundation for that persons success is that persons ability to understand leadership competencies. It is a certain leadership qualities that people possess that can help one build trust over a period of time.
And quality such as vision, the ability for the individual to have vision is very critical. So the  leader dreams big,  he looks into the future and points the direction which the followers have to be going to so the greatest task of that leader is to make leaders out of followers, so he has to build the followers  to become leaders.
Second quality is INTERGRITY. The ability of people to trust the leader, when the people dont trust a leader, they cannot follow the leader. This is very paramount for leadership success. The next one is the ability to work with people. There are so many people who cannot work with people so they impose things on people, they force people. The best way to get people to do things is to inspire people. For a State you must have a leader who has the capacity to inspire people, ability to preserve, patience and to deal with people

3. How can a leader tell that his vision is Big?

In United Arab Emirates, the leader
Sheikh Mohameed Al Maktoum Snr
wanted a place that would be a tourism center, he threw up a vision. He went to the desert and said he is going to have a sea port. People laughed at him. There was a time they did not have an airline. He inspired his people. 10 million people today, visits United Arab Emirates because the people bought into a big vision.

4. Talking about Ability to work with people, is same thing as TEAM SPIRIT?

One thing that I wish to say is that the leader, anytime any day is a team player. The leader does not work by himself the leader requires the best of minds, quality people around his space. When a leader is blessed with people who can give him good advice. Speak truth to power at every point in time and he knows the temperament of each person that works with him in the team. He knows their needs and he is concerned about them. He is concerned whether the people are eating or not eating, sick or well. When a leader gets close to that and he is selfless about that. What happens is that the people would respect him. The people would honour him and hold him in high esteem. People dont want to know how much you know, they want to know how much you care. They  dont want to know if you know the law of petro dynamics. The followers at each point in time want to know how much you care for them. How much you believe in them, how much confidence you repose in them and you are able to connect and work with them. By inspiration not  by bullying or  intimidation.  Any leader who intimidates people, guess what? People would follow but they are not actually following. In Nigeria, what we have for a long time is a high level of celebration of mediocrity how leaders generate fear by intimidating the people. Most political leaders lack  real followers. People are following because of what they can get. People are following out of fear but today I am advising, calling on Nigerians that  the time has come for the electorate to begin to throw up true leaders.  Leaders who truly care for the people and knows how to work with people. That is the context of the converstion.
It would interest you to know that a great woman had opportunity to have dinner with two very high Prime Ministers of England. Gladstone and Benjamin Desiree. She was asked among this great leaders, who was the most inspiring? Do you know what she said:
“When you are with Gladstone you would think that he is the most intelligent person that ever lived.
Whileas when you are with Benjamin Desiree  you would think that you are the most intelligent person that ever lived. “
When you leave the presence of a leader and you feel successful, powerful.- That person is truly a good leader. But when you leave someone space and you feel like insignificant.

5. How do you marry Leadership Capital with Personal & Business Success?
Ugochukwu Omeogu: One of the major yardsticks of leadership is to measure how people become successful in their personal life. The quality of life of the people also is a pointer to the kind of leader you you. Leadership is all about organizing  resources to make people better. Anyone that can attract quality of life of the people to be better is a leader.  True measure of a leader is the quality of life of the people that surrounds this leader. Everyone needs two type of help. First you need a mentor  someone who can help you to be a success. We at Imo Nkeanyi would help you understand how you can run a successful business. How do I get started? How do I Improve the quality of my life? How do I start with zero Cash but huge Capital? How Can I  galvanize  my structure? How do I generate more money in my business?  Investment strategizes: What you can do to take care of your house rent, school fees without depending on anything. Bad leadership denies the people of the environment and systems that makes them independent of any kind of manipulations. Because they cannot tell you the truth anymore people they depend on you for food and other things. What you can do to multiply, preserve money would be shared to you.
The measure of leadership is the number of life of people that has changed by that person.  A leader is one who takes his resources and builds people who can succeed him when he is gone. Anyone who shows you the way and does not give you the key to be independent that person is a slave master.
The greatest task of leadership is to reproduce leaders.
The task of the leader is not to so impoverish the people so much that the person depends on you for their daily bread.  People should be able to make money and stand on their own without depending so much on the Government. The ability to take human beings and invest in them so much that the people stand by themselves is really the work of a good leader.
The Government does not engage in providing  job for everybody but what leadership does is to provide and train people to do commerce, generate revenue, drive their own business and become self reliant. Increase peoples capacity to do business and to do it well.
We need a system where people are skilled up so they cannot depend on the Government.
7.  I appreciate you for your doggedness, and talking to Imolities to create wealth.  Now that Nigerians dont have a steady Power supply, And since you cannot do any business successfully, farming  without  Power, what can you do to equip them and what is the solution?

Mr Ugochukwu:
Intelligent people solve problem. Geniuses fix them. One of the ways we can solve this infrastrual decay, developmental problems is to fix the individual. dealing with this is to develop people so as not to allow challenges to stifle ones dream and creativity.
I was born in Aba and had polio when I was 1 yr six months which affected my legs but for the fact that I had challenges in life, I didnt allow that to limit me in anyway. If anyone is economically crippled, anything you talk would not work.
The challenges is that we are bereaved of minds that can collectively solve problem
Dr Linus Okorie:
When you are a leader, your ability to think big and be creative matters a lot. We started by teaching military, top members of Government, public sector teaching leadership and I realize that you cannot make a difference without sound leadership Capital. That is why we said we would not only be teaching leadership, we would get involved in governance. We would create Power systems that would engineer the Trade Zones, we have the blueprint. But before that we have to transform the mindset of the people.
Government is a serious thing; therefore mediocres should not be found in Government systems, else that would be disastrous. We need men of integrity, honor who would get involved and make a positive difference.
We want to help empower you to understand certain leadership competencies that would help you thrive and succeed.

(Caller):  I see Leadership from a layman view as an act of guiding, directing, leading, coordinating  the people towards a common goal. We are seriously alarmed at what is happening at the National level  People are being killed. At the State level- our pensioners are dying daily, many source of livelihood has been demolished, people are suffering and our leaders who ought to grasp with these cannot because they dont know what to do due to lack of leadership technique and abilities  We appeal to you to organize seminars for our politicians, Let them be educated on how to lead/govern  because greed and insatiable desire is killing them and they are not responding to the plight of the people.

LINUS: It would interest you to know that since I was 19 years old, I have been in leadership. I have seen the power of leadership, I have seen young people who said  \” I dont believe in this country\” but today they have become nation builders after we must have trained them. we have seen people say I want to do business, this is my idea people build business that makes a difference.
If we must get Imo to prosper, changing Government is not enough.  Part of it  is to transform the peoples thinking. The quality of thinking of the people would change from materialism thinking to a visionary thinking. We must change the mentality of the people to prosperity thinking,   selfless thinking, How do we drive progress in our state.
That is why I am not just running for the Governor of Imo State, I am  also raising a movement of people whose minds are transformed,  who understands values are relevant to economic growth who not only understand how to do business. The suffering of the people are connected to lack of Leadership Capital. When peoples mind are not developed, they would steal all the money they can see.
For me it is the most important thing to develop our people. Collectively, we want to help our people to make progress, IMO  Nkeanyi is committed to raise a new level of leadership in Imo State. We are saying that we are going to make a difference in this state.  If you are concerned in this movement .To join our training. Text your name, LGA to 07069103274, 07062000049

Mr Ugochukwu Omeogu:
Finally, all men are born equal except for the thoughts they think. The reason why people are not doing well, is the quality of thought that they have that is what is holding them back.


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