“Strive to Be The Best” – Queen Shirley Okwudinma

Ugoeze Shirley Ngozi Okwudinma

Her Royal Majesty Ugoeze  SHIRLEY OKWUDINMA recently bagged  Award  at the just concluded  ARISE AFRICA  MAGAZINE AWARD.

HRM Queen Shirley Ngozi Okwudinma is married to HRH Eze Samson Okwudinma, they are  fablously blessed with four extraordinary  kids (2male and 2 female). a dynamic entrepreneur from Nneato Obibi -Ochasi Kingdom Orlu; She holds a Bachelor in Education in English from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. The Dynamic Entrepreneur also holds An Honorary Doctorate Degree from the Global Harvest Christian University (Doctor of Humanities).

Congratulations Her Royal Majesty of high  Stimulus Charisma for  Community Development Award well deserving.

*Can we really know what inspired you into the type of business you are currently into?*

Well this is one of the frequent questions I come across in almost every interview not withstanding I will say right from onset,  I have always been business dispositioned.  The only difference is that I had a very good reason to be in this business. Yes some individuals once they want to venture into a business, they expect the money to start pumping out immediately but it doesn\’t work out that way. Mind you as a business oriented person you are bond to take risk and endure. Station your mind that it can be either of the two sides of a coin, you don\’t know the result until when flipped. If you want to venture into a business,  you really need to go into deep thinking to know:
*Your purpose
*Your Challenges
*Your Why
*Your Area of Specialization
*Your goal for setting  up the business.
For me,HRM QUEEN SHIRLEY NGOZI OKWUDINMA,  I am doing this kind of business because I have _fervor_ for it; I am doing this because there is need to do so as it concerns my ardor for the job, I am doing this to encourage people, to help people get the best  in life, give a sense of belonging to people in the environment. To enhance people’s life and it gives me joy also. 

 *Looking Back, what  do you think Shirley Supremo Finishings achieved In Imo to deserve Dynamic Brand of The Year Award ?*

We are the foremost and leading name in the industry.

Looking at what we have on ground, what we have done so far it gives me joy.  If  we didn’t establish Shirley Supremo Finishing Ltd at the period we did, people would not have in mind of coming into Owerri when they are looking for quality, they  would say Owerri is a dead zone and establishing this business has also brought lot of Hotels, Fast Food joints and tourism center into our dear  Imo State. Right  now people come from all parts of the world to patronize us down here in the beautiful city of Owerri.  I did so because I discovered that some people have the money but they don\’t know where to get Superior Quality rather before our coming as a justice League,  people only get inferior quality down here but Supremo existence brought in Prevalent Qualities. 

From a humble beginning when we started and right now we have 2 big warehouses but yet it does not contain all that we have. We desire to build in no distant time a Showroom that would showcase a whole lot more furniture at the same time bigger than what we have on ground right now with unresisting quality.
I believe it\’s this quality that the organizers saw and decided to honour us.

*Are you looking at branching out outside owerri?*

Yes well I already have a warehouse in Lagos not a showroom. Every business has its own secrets. At Lagos I distribute to people in wholesale(Large Quantities)  who in turn sales to their customers. It helps me to sell more. That doesn’t mean that I don’t mind coming to Lagos or another one in Abuja. This would definitely happen as the demands increases more we will also go worldwide(Diaspora).

*How do you get to impact your philosophy to your sales representatives?*

They watch me closely and see how I attend to customers in a Social manner (which is called \”A Customer and Vendor relationship\”)  and also learn from me.
Buying and selling is a practical thing that requires learning. In order to boost sales they are given incentives, Vendors bonus according to the percentage of sales they make each day. This makes them to attend to customers very well. They can\’t afford to allow anyone who walks into  SHIRLEY SUPREMO FINISHING LIMITED  go without patronizing because they know  there is instant reward/bonus for them outside their salary.

*What is your advice to the youths?*
There is a way our youths think. When you talk as a mother, they think you don’t really know “what is on board”. They see you as “old fashion or we have fade away”.  But that would not stop us from offering our parental advice. The only thing I can tell our youths is that they should be who God has made them to be irrespective of the present socioeconomic situation, don’t give in to peer pressure, don\’t live your life trying to please anybody or working at your own detriments for instance; working for politicians who will use and dump you at the end of the day after making you have series of enemies.  _A politician will use you during the elections and afterwards will dump you because they see you as a nuisance once they get to that seat._
_What happens in your life nothing?_
_How do you see yourself?_
_Sit down and ask yourself; what can I do in life?_
_You need to balance the whole thing.
Do you see yourself cut out for a white collar job?_
_Depending on salary or do you see yourself as someone who will create wealth for others?_
_Do you see yourself as a political thug who will be carrying ballot boxes for politicians just for what I call *Stomach infrastructure*?_

It doesn’t have to do with you being old or young It has a lot to do with your values, Nature,culture,integrity,humility,Personality and how you were breed. Our environment plays a very big role in shaping most of our youths. 
No matter what you aim at becoming, do yourself the favour of having a mentor. I am one person that believes in apprenticeship It gives you the leeway or latitude to a certain level in life. When turbulent times comes if you have not experienced it before, it would blow you off but when you pass through whatever challenge in life with a mentor by your side or you look you to trust me you will surely be well guided and groomed. If you don’t look at life that way, you have not started in life.
I know where I want to be in life and where am coming from. I am very focused and Optimistic of a better days that was how I could be able to attain thus far height. There are people as creative as you can not imagine but *where are they? Why haven’t they been able to achieve greatness?*
They keep struggling day in day out but nothing to show for it. The Bottom line is that they don’t have a good moral values, a little thing; they are swayed off their feet. But when you show them  practically how it should be done they would go far in life.
So I advise young people to get a mentor in that area you want to succeed in life, bring yourself under the tutelage of someone who is far more experienced than you.
Also as a young man plan for your future.


 I have a pet project for the youths. The kind of NGO that I would establish, I don’t need to go around begging for money because I am already in business to make enough money so as to help the youths. There is great need for us to pay attention to our youths because they are the ones that would take care of us when we are aged and no longer fit for hard LABOUR.
When I see some pensioners and old people who are crying today, one question I often ask is *what did they do when they were young?*
*Why didn’t they save up for the rainy day?*
One can not afford to live a life that would be full of regrets at the end.


I highly commend this organization of this Program for coming up with thus initiative so as to encourage the young ones aspire to achieve great things in life.
“Failure”  is an orphan but “Success” has so many relatives and friends. Once you succeed in life many people would come to associate themselves with you. So strive to be the best at what you are never forget success is a Choice and Failure is also a Choice but Choose wisely.

Thank you

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