Ugo Support Group for Good Governance Condems Attack On Government Institutions



The Ugo Support Group Convener, Hon Ugochukwu Ezekwesili Kingsley Aguguam condems the recent attacks on Police formations in Imo State and Owerri Prisons by unknown gunmen.

Speaking with Arise Afrika correspondence, he said that Government should as a matter of urgency re-engineer and re-access our security road map to be more proactive to ensure her oversight functions of protecting lives and properties. 

He reiterated that one of the major cause of insecurity is tracable to expression of  derailed justice, equity, and lack of responsibility on the part of government 

The recent happenings in Imo State is something that affects everyone of us and as such calls for a total rejiging of  the security architecture of the country as to find a lasting solution to the numerous challenges facing.

He urged Imo people not to loose hope.

\”Imo State, no doubt, is blessed with high-level manpower, men and women of conscience and integrity, but it does seem that the best brains are in the graves. 

Disheartening and pitiable as the situation may seem, it is not beyond redemption. With determination and commitment, it\’s about time we redirect the ship of our State to safe shores and save ourselves the agony of falling over the precipice. \”

\”We should not be  disillusioned by what is happening in our Society today. In the life of any society, there comes a time when the mountains seem insurmountable, when the giants seem unbeatable, and defeat seems inescapable. That is the situation we find ourselves today in Imo State. I challenge us not to QUIT! Quitting is not an option.

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