The Morning Sunset: The Untold Story Of How Travelling To A New World Is Not Always Greener



The Morning Sunset: The Untold Story Of How Travelling To A New World Is Not Always Greener
Majority of people in developing countries especially the youth dream of leaving their
home countries for a greener pasture in the Western world. While staying in the urban or
suburban in the same countries offer prospects, most dreams are to make it to Europe. This
is because of the opinion that Europe/America (abroad as is popularly known) is a land
flowing with milk and honey. Of course, there are a lot more opportunities in abroad including
better life, good health infrastructure, good roads, constant electricity, employment, sound
However, nowadays, many people negate the legal means and engage their journey to Europe
through dangerous means including via desert and the sea. They fall prey of swindlers who
rob them huge amount of money. These innocent people fall victims because the information
they perceive are false. They are not aware of the truth behind the journey. They become
vulnerable and exposed to humiliation, rape, exploitation, abuse and trafficking. In addition,
thousands of them loose their lives while engaging in this perilous journey. The relatives
patiently wait that one day they will call home or even return home for a perfect and joyful
reunion, not knowing that they have long been dead; that they never received proper burial
rights because their bodies have been covered by dessert sand; eaten by fishes in the ocean
and or wild animals. That these loved ones will never return home, not now and not in the
future. It is in fact highly pathetic and terrible hearing, reading and watching this same story
every year.
With a heartfelt thought for the family of those who lose their lives in the desert and ocean;
and a voice pleading to those who are nursing the idea to make that dangerous journey, Joy
brings this awareness of the unnecessary loss of young and promising lives in the name of
search for greener pastures in Europe., Hence the story of her book “The Morning Sunset”.

This story emanated from her desire to demonstrate what she had observed over the years
she lived in Europe over unnecessary immigration of Africans into Europe, coupled with the
level of humiliation Africans are subjected to in foreign land; with a trained engineer plucking

tomatoes and a medical doctor babysitting to earn a living.
Her story is to create awareness and sensitize Africans on the danger behind travelling abroad
through the desert and the sea. In as much as travelling to abroad is good, with savoury
opportunities, engaging in a perilous journey via desert and sea does not worth it.
Her story will not only educate people on the dangers of illegal journeys through the desert
and the sea which; include loss of money and lives of our youngsters but will encourage people
to take the legal route to make that burning dream of their hearts to come true; just as

Professor Oluyinka Olutoye, Dr. Philip Emegwali and the host other celebrated Africans here

“The Morning Sunset” by Chinwe Aguguo is on Amazon. You can find it below…

The Morning Sunset: The Untold Story Of How Travelling To A New World Is Not Always Easy


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